VoIP options?

We are looking at porting our landline (not ready to completely ditch it) to VoIP and are looking at several options. Ooma seems like a good one. Don’t know if we want to bundle it with our cable/internet (more that need a modem upgrade). Who has home VoIP and what do you recommend?

We have had an Ooma for about 6 years. Works perfectly. Set it up once and haven’t done a thing to it since.

Any reason you chose ooma?? What components do you need?

I have a MagicJack connected to our network. You can get 5 years of service for around $130 I believe.

I did some research at the time and settled on that based on price, ease of setup and call quality. After the one time purchase price, the only cost is a $5/month charge required by law 911 services and some communication tax.

We are just looking at ditching the landline completely. We wouldn’t have it now…but it’s part of a “bundle” with our internet. The landline costs $5 a month as part of the bundle. But if we ditch that and do only Internet, our price will increase a lot per month.

The only calls we get on the landline are telemarketers, and oddly sometimes our kids.

@thumper1 …that is our experience as well. We finally started ignoring the kids calls, after telling them a couple hundred times not to call us on the landline anymore. Our phone number is 35 years old, so I hesitate to give it up in case anyone we haven’t heard from for years tries to call, which has happened a couple of times. I also like having the backup–cell service and internet–in case one goes out in an emergency. There is a risk though–if both cell service and internet were to ever go out at the same time, there wouldn’t be a way for us to call anyone.

Right about power outages. We have a regular hard wired ATT landline. We are the only ones on our street that has this. Every single time there has been a major power outage or storm, we have been the only ones able to make calls. In 2011 and 2012 during the October storms, and even last summer when we had no power for six days, folks were happy to have a phone they could use…until the cell service and internet were restored…and the power.

And funny, but we also occasionally receive calls from long lost friends. But I thought you could port over your current phone number to other sources.

2 people have recommended callcentric. Anyone know if callcentric vs ooma is easier to set up?

@thurmper1 Yes, you can, and we did–to our Ooma.