Volunteer Activities Listing

Is it a good/bad idea to list individual one-time volunteer events in the additional comments section if I have room?
I have a bunch of awareness walks, drives, and clean ups; it wouldn’t make sense for me to make an activity section for each, but should I include it somewhere else on the application?

Were these all individual events done through a singular club/organization like Key club? If so, definitely list them (in your activities section, as additional information’s meant more for clarifications about education, activities etc. not as extra application space.) If not, IMO don’t include them because colleges are looking for involvement over time—you don’t learn much from volunteering for one day for a few hours.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Yes, they were all done through volunteer organization/clubs, But, I don’t have room to list them under the section I made for Key club because I explained my leadership position in there. And I pretty much filled up all 10 spots haha.
Thank you!

See if you can abbreviate the leadership position, or include the number of hours volunteered in the activity name (ex: NAME [# of hours.])

Hope that helps!