volunteer opportunities for those wanting to major in psychology?

<p>do you have any ideas?
there are so many for all the other professions, but it seems impossible to do soemthing related to psychology...</p>

<p>are you close to a local college/university? If so, they probably have a lot of research projects going on, and you could volunteer to do work for them. You might be too young, but hopefully you will luck out and find someone who could use a high school student :-)</p>

<p>Also, you could contact a local psychologist and see if they have any suggestions. I have a friend (also an upcoming junior in college) who was able to actually shadow a psychologist, which would be really neat!!</p>

<p>Psychology is one of my majors, so let me know if you have any questions :-)</p>

<p>Thank you soo much for the idea. I actually see a psychologist myself, so maybe I will ask her if she has any suggestions. But I will definently follow those two options. I do have a question though I understand if you are too busy.. i feel bad bugging you so much lol.. but is there a lot of science involved when you are majoring in psychology? I really liket the idea of studying psychology, but hate science!</p>


<p>don't worry about it! i love being helpful (hopefully I'm being helpful :-)!)</p>

<p>there is a lot of science for me, because I am a biology and psychology double major--i am premed, so i have to take all the core classes, plus I started out as a biology major. i picked up psych because i love it, so i'm excited that you want to major in it!</p>

<p>the other psych majors I know who are only majoring in psychology do not have to take a lot of science. at my school, part of the core curriculum is a math or science sequence, so i know a girl who took 2 semesters of math and one semester of chemistry, and that's all she had to take. but it's different from school to school, so just make sure to ask whenever you visit the school or talk to an admissions counselor.</p>

<p>but i think at most schools, there's not too much science required :-)</p>

<p>let me know if you have any more questions or anything--i'm actually at work now, and there's not much to do because no one's here...so you're not bugging me at all! yay psych majors!</p>

<p>thanks! it is soo nice to know that there isnt a lot of science involved <em>smiles</em> i will keep bugging you if any questions appear lol
thank you soo much for all the info. it got a lot of things cleared up for me</p>