Volunteer Opportunities?

<p>I am about to be a junior in high school this coming school year, and I am thinking about majoring in either Electrical Engineering or in medicine. </p>

<p>I have been told that colleges look highly upon volunteering for things based on your interests. That's easy for medicine, I'll volunteer at my local hospital. However, I would also like to explore the world of engineering, but I don't know where I would go to volunteer. </p>

<p>Perhaps something like Google or Microsoft? (I live close to Silicon Valley in CA)</p>

<p>Volunteering isn't limited to areas of academic interest. Many people would not go into an environmental science-type major in their life, yet they love to volunteer at organizations that deal with the environment and animals. I don't plan on working with kids, but I volunteer at a nursery. Etc.</p>

<p>Volunteer at places you want to volunteer at; if you like volunteering at the hospital, that's great. If you would prefer to volunteer somewhere else, do that instead. You don't need to find a place to volunteer at that relates to engineering if you don't want to.</p>