Volunteering vs Job in Family Medicine Clinic


My DD has been volunteering in Famliy medicine clinic for past few months once a week. Now, Doctor has offered her job during summer. She is interested in BS/MD program. Do you think she should take summer job offer or continue to work as volunteer?

Your past experience with BS/MD programs will help her in make decision.

Thank you in advance.

In my opinion, it is more about what she does, what she is exposed to and what she learns than whether she is paid or not. Will her responsibilities change for the summer job?

What sort of job? What is she doing as a volunteer?

Due to COVID situation, she was not allowed to do shadowing however she was given opportunity to help this clinic with digitalizing their patient files. However, as part of job, she can request some clinical exposure as she is vaccinated.

Then take the job. In addition to some patient contact, she will also be paid. She can also network with the docs about shadowing opportunities if those are possible moving forward.

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She is working as volunteer to help them with their paperwork and they have offered job for summer.

I understand. And my suggestion is that she take the job. As an employee, she will be paid…and that’s a good thing!

Please understand…BS/MD programs are more competitive for admissions than the elite top colleges. Your daughter needs to have a plan B if she wants to become a doctor, and a plan C in case medical school doesn’t happen.