<p>I want work my way to getting into Columbia University & some people say that its really difficult and challenging and that you should never set a dream school cuz it always ends up in disappointment...but its all about setting high expectations for yourself.
Im planning to spend a good amount of time this summer volunteering what do you think is the minimum number of hours I should volunteer this summer?
and does Columbia have a set amount or just devotion to something?</p>

<p>Well my quote to live by is "Reach for the moon and you'll end you somewhere on the stars" So go for Columbia if its your dream and in the end you'll either end up at Columbia or some other really good school. </p>

<p>But anyway I'm doing the same thing this summer plus studying for the SAT and a job. I'm going to volunteer at the red cross for like 2-3 hours everyday so tht should give me about 100-190 hours. I don't really think there is a max amount of numbers but I do reccomend aound 200 hours, so get about 150 this summer and then during the school year do some volunteering durring the weekend and you'll probbaly get more than 200. </p>

<p>However do expect to go to Columbia with just 100 hours because millions of applicants have 100 and even some have 400. I know that sounds alot but once you start it'll just fly by. :) good luck this sumer</p>