<p>I currently volunteer at the library, and have around 70-80 hours so far. I've heard that many colleges don't like the idea of volunteering at the library because you don't need any leadership or communication skills. Are UC's, in particular, fine with people volunteering at the library. If there were 2 ppl, one with 100 hrs at the library, and one with lets say 90 at the hospital, would they pick the one volunteering at the library?</p>

<p>Also, do colleges prefer working at 2 places for lets say 100 hours each, or one place for 200 hours?</p>

<p>Sorry for asking so much, thanks.</p>

<p>Anyone have any tips?</p>

<p>I think they'd prefer the one at the hospital. Especially if you're going to the medical field.</p>

<p>All three of you are overthinking this. Hospital > library. Really? If you're gonna argue that, then I say job@McDonalds> hospital = library.</p>

<p>The paranoid idea that UC is going to toss out a library volunteer over a hospital volunteer is preposterous. If you thought that, how would they rate the kid who has to work under the table at the family store for 30 hours a week? Omigosh: she's avoiding the IRS!</p>

<p>C'mon, man!</p>

<p>"Also, do colleges prefer working at 2 places for lets say 100 hours each, or one place for 200 hours?"</p>

<p>Overthinking again. College file readers will look at this and move on in 0.3 seconds. HS students are freaked out about voluntarism. For college evaluations, it ain't all dat. Do what you like -- regardless of who knows it. Voluntarism isn't some arms race to make you appear to be a caring person.</p>

<p>You know who has volunteer hours? Everyone.</p>

<p>Volunteering hours are irrelevant. What matters is your impact. If you volunteered 100 hours at a library and someone volunteered 90 hours at a hospital and neither of you can demonstrate impact, then both of you will be viewed the same by adcoms (in terms of your volunteering). Whatever it is, do something that you absolutely love and demonstrate how it has impacted you or how you have impacted others.</p>

<p>Volunteering in a library isnt bad, but its more impressive if you volunteer like in a hospital. I am a volunteer firefighter and I volunteer at my local rehabilatation hospital. Try to do something outside of the box, thats why I chose firefighting.</p>

<p>ktkiller: it's your opinion that hospital/firefighter > library. There is no evidence that any college admissions officer would impart any advantage to one over the other. Do you have anything to support this assumption?</p>

<p>I'm trying to dissuade the OP from believing myths and rumors.</p>

<p>Agree with T26E4. Adcoms don't care about library vs hospital or how many hours you volunteer. You are way too focused on inputs (i.e. what activity, how many hours). Focus on the outputs (impact on others, impact on personal development, valuable experiences, etc). Adcoms care much more about outputs.</p>

<p>Uh-oh thats not good. All I did was just shelve books and sort books. Im pretty sure it didnt have any impact on others then lol.</p>

<p>OP- what year are you right now? Hopefully, you have some time to salvage this... otherwise, you're going to need to do something drastic...</p>

<p>Agree with T26E4 and grandee. 100 hours of volunteering is good - helps the community at a minimum. </p>

<p>My only issue is that you probably didn't get much out of shelving books for 100 hours. If you were my kid, I would advise you to start looking for ways that you can add more value to the library by using skills you have that others might not - and hopefully, as a result, get something more out of your time there. Or look for a different volunteer opportunity with more scope for creativity and impact. Not because it looks good to colleges, but because you personally will find it more rewarding.</p>