<p>What are some clubs that help the community and help you meet others? I know habitat for humanity is one, but are there any other notable ones?</p>

<p>Um. Zillions. I don't even know where to begin. The first one that comes to mind is Circle K, but there are a bunch of smaller clubs too which I think are more conducive to meeting people. Check out the maize pages. University</a> of Michigan Student Organizations - Maize Pages You can search by keyword to find service orgs.</p>

<p>Circle K is ridiculous: $40 just for membership? ***...</p>

<p>Although they do have a lot of events, though.</p>

<p>It's because UM Circle K is a branch of an international organization, and the membership fee for the national organization is $35-- they have no control over that and only take $5 for the club, which isn't much considering how CRAZY EXPENSIVE it is to keep a club successful-- I have some personal experience with that. But when I talked to Circle K about it they said it would be okay if I participated in their events, I just couldn't be an official member without paying. Maybe that isn't the case anymore. I personally wont pay any dues and don't join clubs that require it.</p>

<p>Most of the organizations aren't going to be like that, that was just the first one that came to mind because it has a LOT of visibility on campus and is a very popular service organization.</p>