VP Choices

<p>Someone said we haven't been discussing possible VP choices, so what about that. Other than the obvious Obama/Clinton possibility, does anyone have an opinion on possible pair ups for Obama, Clinton or McCain? Who could each of them pick that would strengthen their candidacy? Who could they pick who'd be a real asset in terms of governance? Would this be the same person, or maybe different?</p>

<p>McCain needs to pick a VP candidate that can offer some economic advice. He has admitted a weakness as it relates to addressing the economy.</p>

<p>Romney may have been a good choice, but with all the perceived issues with his religion (Mormon), that may exclude him from consideration. McCain probably needs a conservative to keep peace in his party.</p>

<p>Obama needs to pick someone who has foreign policy experience.</p>

<p>I think Pelosi is trying for the slot with Obama. She has made some interesting remarks. It also allows a woman on the ticket with a large delegate count</p>

<p>I want McCain to name Tom Ridge</p>

<p>Never thought of that one. It seems you can make all of the speculation in the world, but noms seem to pick from left field. (Bush, Gore, Kerry---nobody ever expected their vps)</p>

<p>Tom Ridge would fit that mold.</p>

<p>I think the last gov from Mass before Romney (her name skips my mind) It would balance the ticket with a female republican and give more edge to win the New England states</p>

<p>What about Joe Lieberman? He's an independent now, isn't he? Are there any restrictions on having someone on the ticket who isn't technically in the party? I thought I read somewhere that McCain was either thinking of this or people were asking him. Also, what about Bill Richardson for either Obama or Clinton? Personally, I like both Lieberman and Richardson. Pelosi can get people riled up a little herself (at least in my family), but they might go for Richardson.</p>

<p>I'd like to see:</p>




<p>These are who I think would not only be winning tickets but also productive combinations of personality, experience, and effectiveness.</p>

<p>I'd love to see Obama/Webb. I could get excited about Obama/Richardson, too.</p>

<p>Agree 100% on your choices for McCain. Don't know much about Dodd; I'll have to research him.</p>

<p>Richardson is a good choice, but I also wonder if Edwards will come into play, he definetly could be the King/Queen maker since he has the electorals to hand out</p>

<p>I think Bill Richardson would be an asett to the Obama ticket. I think he did a good job during the debates, particularly presenting his economic management and foreign policy experience.....</p>

<p>A Governor may help a Senator more than another Senator?</p>

<p>McCain might pick Rice, I guess But I know someone who works closely with her. Says she is incredibly bright and a terrific person, but she can't make a decision to save her life. When faced with the need to make a decision, she just reaches for another briefing book and researches it to death. She might be on the ticket, but if my friend is to be believed (and there's no reason you should since you don't know the source), she would be a terrible executive. Anyone else ever heard this?</p>

<p>Rice will never be on the GOP ticket. Ever. She is on record as being pro-choice.</p>

I'd love to see Obama/Webb.


Sen Jim Webb is a sexist pig. He has no place in government much less the VP slot.</p>

<p>"What about Joe Lieberman? "</p>

<p>That would set conservatives (like me) completely over the edge to sitting home.</p>

<p>What is going on with John Edwards. He's one person that if he spoke up at this time could make a huge impact on the Dem race and in the process probably cut a deal for VP with the candidate he decided to back. </p>

<p>Strikes me he is waiting to make this move, but may be waiting too long as, in the interim, the Dems seem to be striving to elect McCain.</p>

<p>MC CAIN/CHENEY They are in Irag now sealing the deal. Unlke the presidency the VP has no term limits. Remember the Bush primary? Cheney was the chair of the VP selection committee and he was to recommend people for the short list. Who knew his short list only had his name on it?</p>

<p>I don't think it will be McCain/Cheney as McCain would not want to be considered as a continuation of the Bush administration. I think he'll want to stand more independently than that.</p>

<p>Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, has been suggested at times (WSJ, etc.). He is young, attractive, a strong economist, and hates pork barrel spending as much as McCain.</p>

<p>I read somewhere else that it would certainly be Romney.</p>

<p>Obama/Huckabee: hope + miracle, an irresistible combination.</p>

<p>There is a possibility for a dream ticket if Hillary is the democratic nominee:</p>