VSB or Miami (OH)

<p>I visited Nova in the fall and really liked what I saw. I was accepted EA to VSB and have been leaning towards it. I have also been to Miami, and I am going again next week.
However, I thought more about my preference for Nova...</p>

<li>I could go to Miami (OH) for 14k/yr (including room & board and merit scholarships), and I would be in state. Miami's Farmer b-school is ranked 16th in the U.S., and I have been accepted into their Honors program and will hopefully be able to qualify for the Business Honors program.</li>


<li>I could go to Nova and pay 50k/yr and have to travel by plane to Philly (which I didn't mind before, but now...) I also applied to their Honors program and the Global Citizens Program but won't find out both until 4/16.</li>

<p>Also, I was accepted to U of Richmond and that's about the same situation as Nova, 50k/yr for me.... errr. I have kind of crossed that off the list.</p>

<p>My question is: is it worth it to pay >3x as much to go to Nova, which is a better school overall OR would I be better off going to Miami, which has a stellar b-school and Honors offerings, but a lower caliber of students overall? Both have amazing opportunities for activities and study abroad (a must).. any insight?? </p>

<p>I'm definitely going to grad school and am planning on majoring in economics or finance.</p>

<p>BTW, on a kind of related note, I was waitlisted at Notre Dame and if that works out, I'm going there and losing my deposit at Miami/Nova. :)</p>