VT Housing Decisions Fall 2022

Checking in to see if anyone has applied to and heard from Living Learning programs. Also, if denied admittance to an LLC do students get to then apply for specific dorms?

If the student is an incoming freshman and does not get into the LLC then yes they will go back into the normal housing slot program. Have you reached out to the LLC staff to see when they anticipate announcing results? They are usually pretty helpful.

Actually, he heard about an hour after I posted. He will be joining the Innovate community. The next question is do the LLC have have their own roommate connection site? I will have him ask the Innovate coordinator, but was curious if anyone knows.

My student was in Innovate his first year as well. I can’t remember if they had a Facebook or Discord then that was specific to the LLC though, since he and one of his friends from HS were rooming together and both applied to the LLC. My guess is that the coordinator should have a method to try and connect members so they can create their roommate group - only choice will be room selection since the residence hall is predetermined.

Do most dorms not have a/c? We saw fans in sooooo many windows the other day.

Many of them don’t. It’s not too much of an issue though if you have the optimal fan setup. Key is to have 2 window fans - one bringing air in and the other pushing internal air out. Then supplement with an oscillating desktop fan and an oscillating tower fan and you’ll be fine.

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My son is a VT freshman and says he recommends applying for an LLC, many of those are in newer dorms that have AC. He’s in Orion which is in New Res East.

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