Vt Vs Jmu

<p>Last week I was admitted to VT and spent 3 days in Blacksburg touring the campus and town and loved everything I saw there. But I also loved JMU when I went to CHOICES in February. I am definitely leaning toward becoming a Hokie, but it is a really difficult decision because both universities are great. I am interested in hearing other student's opinions of both unversities in general and about the business schools in particular. How do the professors at VT compare with JMU? Are the students at VT as happy and friendly as those at JMU? Thanks</p>

<p>Both known for being happy, friendly places. What is your major?</p>

<p>First of all, congratulations on receiving acceptances to both of these schools! You asked for other students' opinions on them, and while I am not a student both my husband and I are in secondary public education here in Va. so we do hear quite a bit of banter about both VT and JMU from the kids we teach/have taught. Both are good schools and I, too, feel that a student would do well at either if he/she chose to. What you gain from a college education is what you put into it! </p>

<p>That said, many kids in our area talk about JMU having more of party reputation. It is a fun school to go to and therefore many apply. Not that VT students don't party, too, but a recurring topic of discussion from JMU kids we know is how great the partying is. From the schools around here, it seems more kids are denied or waitlisted from VT than from JMU, but that is just what we have seen. FWIW, I think the average gpa and test scores may be a bit higher at VT. Can't help you on the business school reputation, but we did walk through the Pamplin School of Business at VT and it is a beautiful building! </p>

<p>Good luck in your decision. They are both solid universities.</p>

<p>JMU has some pretty insane parties. If that's really important to you I don't think you could go wrong at either but as much as I love VT, JMU is insane when it comes to parties.</p>

<p>JMU has a much better business school than VT. JMU has a major called Quantitative Finance (QFin) and the only other school on the east coast that offers it is Princeton, if thats your major you can easy get a job at Goldman Sachs or any other BB. As far as rankings business week has JMU as 54 and VT wasn't ranked. (Undergrad</a> - BSchools) VT is good because of how big it is and the alumni, you could get a job at any fortune 500 company if you went to VT. I have had family at both schools and my cousin that went to VT didn't get a job for 1 year while my other cousin at JMU had 3 job offers before he graduated. The one that went to JMU makes about twice as much as the one that went to VT. IF you go to VT you'll be at JMU every weekend. Everyone that is in college that i have talked to hates VT, they say they try to hard to be as good as UVA, while JMU is laid back and doesn't care.</p>

<p>^every word u said after "fortune 500" is either on a case by case basis or total bs</p>

<p>Student, you're wrong on a lot of things. Some people go down to JMU every once and a while but not nearly every week. There are a lot of parties here at Tech. Also, trying to be as good as UVA? I have no idea what you're talking about. Why would you try to be better than someone you're already better than? :P I'm mostly kidding but no. We don't "try to be better than UVA." It's just not something anyone ever worries about except with sports I guess. And there we are better. At any that anyone cares about anyway. The rest of your post is pretty contradictory so that should be enough reason for him to dismiss it and I won't worry about it.</p>

<p>besides the fact that jmu is the school that refers to itself as "the real university of virginia"</p>

<p>i would agree, the only reason to pick tech is for its engineering</p>

<p>That's mind boggling far away from being true.</p>

<p>Student is flat out wrong. </p>

<p>VT wasn't ranked because they didn't respond to Buisness weeks survey, yet they were ranked very well last time</p>

<p>VT is ranked very well in USNWR of business (40 something? i'm too lazy to look it up)</p>

<p>And maybe your one cousin at VT just wasn't all that smart.... thats such a case by case thing as afro said.</p>

<p>Also, I'm from the north, and what people up here think of Virginia schools: VT is undoubtedly best engineering/decent buisness, UVA is excellent all around, William and Mary is also well rounded, but a tier below UVA, JMU is kinda a joke/wanna be UVA. Thats just an opinion from an OOS'er and what I've gotten from most people.</p>

<p>If you really want buisness, go to UVA, but saying that JMU is much better than VT is just flat out wrong bro</p>

<p>I'll stick up for JMU a little here as it is an above average school by far and has a lot of great qualities. However, to pick either VT over JMU or JMU over VT is subjective. It is what you make out of the school, because the name of a school will only get you so far.</p>

<p>Haha Student cracks me up. I don't think he's in college or about to go. I'd say he's a sophomore maybe? DukeorHokie, I'd say JMU might be better in business however both schools are excellent and I doubt you'd be disappointed if you went to either. However you can transfer if you end up hating JMU/VT.</p>

<p>I'd recommend VT if you like to have short walks across campus to your classes. JMU just doesn't feel like a college because it is spread out all over Harrisonburg. At VT you are further away from the traffic and noise. Harrisonburg is absolutely crazy when the college kids come to town. I live around here and got accepted to both tech and jmu, and I'm going to tech because it has the major I want, and its campus is so much better than JMU.</p>