VT Wildlife program

<p>I've applied for Early decision and the wait is really driving me crazy. I want to go into the Wildlife program. Does the college look at Nat. Resource(wildlife) students differently that other higher degree programs?? I definitely don't make the same grades as an Engineering student. Do the requirements vary depending on the school?</p>

<p>VT is my first and only choice. I really don't want to go to community college and transfer...but I'm hearing that is the way to go.</p>

<p>Common knowledge says that it's hardest to get into CAUS, hard to get into Engineering, and then everything else is about the same. There's a thread on here called "posting a chances thread? Click her first" which has some stats for admissions. CAUS isn't that big so they don't throw off the numbers much, but engineering is so the average for someone not in either of those majors is probably a little lower than what is listed in that thread.</p>