W/F from AP Chemistry

<p>I never should have taken this course to begin with.</p>

<p>Sophomore year I entered a science-obsession phase, got an A in a regular college prep chemistry course. For junior year I enrolled in AP Chemistry and the experience has been absolute hell for me. I repeatedly received C's and D's the first half of the year but kept through it because I thought if I worked harder, it wouldn't be so bad. I've encountered some stressful situations since (parents splitting up, moving, crap like that ect.) and I find it harder and harder to put in the work. I now have an F in the class and the date for withdrawal has looooong since past. I can still withdraw but have a "W/F" (withdraw/fail) show up on my transcript....</p>

<p>My other classes are going decently...
C+ in U.S. History
A in Precalc
B in French IV
B+ in Honors English</p>

<p>My weighted cumulative GPA for freshman/sophomore year was 3.6 (out of 5.0) and I was 54th in my class rank out of about 240. I've never been a "bad" student. But I have suffered tremendously from AP Chem and if I don't drop it, I am going to lose my mind and probably start getting even more declining grades in history (which have started to suffer).</p>

<p>Next year (senior year) I plan to take-
History & Hollywood
AP Statistics
Honors Physics
AP English Lit</p>

<p>I'm also traveling to Africa this summer for three weeks on a service trip for impovershed kids that will bring me 60+ hours of community service.</p>

<p>I have not yet taken the SATs but am projected to get around 1800-2000 due to my previous PSAT scores.</p>

<p>I'm also involved heavily in the arts at my school and will have participated in 7 drama productions throughout high school by the time I graduate.</p>

<p>Last summer I held an internship with a concert venue and record label in New York City, which made me realize what I really think I would be successful at. I NO LONGER want to go to college for ANYTHING science-related. I am looking to go to a liberal arts school to embark on a study course that I currently hope will culminate in a career in sound production and/or music management.</p>

<p>A few schools I've been considering are NYU, Hofstra, Colgate, Quinnipiac</p>

<p>Given my records, experiences, and activities, will a W/F in AP Chem seriously affect any of these plans? If I know what I want to be doing in college, is it still going to be a huge problem with my admissions process? Am I going to end up in community college? Please offer any advice you can.....I'm starting to scare myself a little....</p>

<p>I feel bad for you because AP Chem has been really hard for me too (B, lowered my unweighted GPA). If it is hurting you really badly and dropping your GPA, I would suggest dropping it. Colleges will look down on it unless you can give an excuse; however, it is better than a low GPA with no real excuse.
Let's say you go to community college (you won't, most likely).
You can transfer after two years to another school, it's not the end of the world. Try to improve your SAT score as well (to 2100).</p>