W&M VS VCU Honors. I NEED HELP!!!!

Hello Internet,

I have come to ask for help over my most recent acceptances at VCU and W&M. I am an In-state student for both of these schools, and my parent have invested in the VA 529 program as well. I understand that I will be the one making the decision, and therefore I should be the one figuring out what school is best for me. But it’s a very hard decision for me, and I would like some 3rd party input. Favorably from people who have attended either school.

I have been accepted into VCU and their Honors college, as well as their Guaranteed Admissions for Pharmacy school. I have also received a $3,000/ per year merit scholarship. If I did end up going here it would be for 8 years for both my undergrad and Grad schooling.

At W&M, I was just accepted as a regular student. No scholarships, specialty programs, or anything of the sort.

My goals are to study Nuclear pharmacy and become a Nuclear Pharmacist.

With these things in mind, here’s what I have to say about both schools:

I love the fact that VCU is in Richmond (even though it is a dangerous city), and when I went to visit the undergraduate and pharmacy schools, I loved the social and learning culture there. None of the students that I spoke to (including the Pharmacy students) considered VCU to have a toxic learning environment. However, VCU doesn’t have that much of name value as William and Mary and I don’t know if I could live in the same area for 8 years.

William and Mary, on the other hand, is a prestigious university, and I know that I would be getting a degree from a top tier school with great research opportunities. In addition, there is also a pre-pharmacy track at William and Mary, but I am not as familiar with it as I am with VCU’s undergraduate curriculum. The academic rigor at William and Mary, however, seems to be off the charts! I mean the average GPA at William and Mary is around a 3.33. I might not have an educated perspective when it comes to college GPA, however W&M seem outrageously low. In addition to the intense academic rigor at William and Mary, I’m not sure how much social activity goes on within campus considering the majority of students are working on school work most of the time.

I hope to make a decision soon, and hopefully become happy with the school I choose. This thread is not meant to ask “which school is better?” I just need advice and input about my situation from reliable sources.

Thanks for reading, a hopeful student.

I don’t know a lot about either school, but I do know someone at W&M and the grade deflation is real! If you are looking to get accepted to Pharmacy after W&M, that may pose an issue.

1stly, congrats your acceptances!
2nd, where you are going finally?