W vs Fail & do I still have a chance to get in?

<p>Hi, I am a CC student. This is my first semester at LAVC. My goal is to transfer to UCLA as a Comp.Sci major. Long story short, I've already dropped one class (art) when I realized it was a CSU only class and it took me past the find that out (yeah, I know, I'm stupid). Now, after taking a midterm in Italian 101, which I took for fun, it looks like I might get a C. I have two options, dropping it and getting another W or getting a D/F and retaking the class.
Two questions: Which option would you choose? Do I still have a chance to get into UCLA Comp.Sci if I get good grades, apply for transfer alliance program, etc?</p>

<p>1) Take the W
2) Yes, and complete all major pre-reqs. UCLA cares a lot about that. See assist.org if you are clueless about what to take. LA's CS has the most pre-reqs in all 9 UC campuses I believe, so it will be tough to finish everything in 2 years assuming no AP credit. Try not to take "fun" class and save them for summer, or whenever you have free time.</p>

<p>W > GPA impact or even W > wasting another quarter/ semester retaking the class.</p>

<p>A fun class shouldn't have to boil down to this.</p>

<p>Wouldn't two Ws in one semester (first semester) kill my application? My backup school is UCSB by the way.</p>

<p>Wouldn't two Ws in one semester (first semester) kill my application? My backup school is UCSB by the way.</p>

<p>^^'W' can mean a lot of things, but its way better than a 'C'.</p>

<p>Not if you can explain why you withdrew. I am much older than you, 58 to be exact. I am tagging to UC Davis next fall. I have over 200 units accumulated and 41 W's! My counselors have told me over and over that Ws are not a big deal. Just turn things around, get you pre reqs done, and get a very, very high GPA and don't worry about a few Ws.</p>

<p>How hard core are they? If my GPA will be aroung 3.7-4.0, can they reject me because of Ws? What about UCSB, it's my backup?</p>

<p>Foreign languages do not make good "fun" classes. They are hard and time consuming.</p>

<p>UC's dont care about Ws as a transfer from a cc</p>

<p>@Transfer2Best, even if you drop two classes in one semester, one of them 10 weeks into the class, and the other one is CSU only class?</p>

<p>Yes, that is what the general sentiment seems to be. You better take a summer session class though to compensate for units if you're not full time during this quarter</p>

<p>@Mainder, I'm gona take some classes during Winter session. Community colleges don't have quarters by the way.</p>

<p>@Lav </p>

<p>As long as you finish your requirements by the end of spring, and have most pre-req's done by fall.. you will be fine. There are people with plenty of W's who get into top UC's.</p>

<p>I've known a few people who have gotten into UCLA and Cal with over 12 Ws (out of 90+ units). </p>

<p>I think there have also been members of this forum who've gotten in with even more Ws. Don't sweat it. Just focus on completing major pre-reqs, keeping your GPA high, and save your 'fun' classes for the spring semester right before you transfer (after you've been admitted, lol).</p>