<p>That's all. I doubt anyone else from this whole forum cares about You-dub other than me, but I really like it and despite being accepted to some of the best Lib Arts colleges in the country, I am going to a little town in the mountains for four years.</p>

<p>Are you from Wyoming?</p>

<p>I care!</p>

<p>Chaos-please be sure to update us. I want my kids both to look at UW. Are you a skier?</p>

<p>Yooo whoooooo, anyone out there??????</p>

<p>Tell us about UW, please...</p>

<p>I don't want to bash Wyoming, but if you're interested in Wyoming, I would strongly encourage you to look at Colorado schools. CU-Boulder is an EXCELLENT school and has a great location for skiing. CSU is also a good school in a really nice town. Honestly, I think that a lot of Colorado schools are way better than Wyoming schools in everything from location to academics. Like I said, I don't want to bash Wyoming, but I'm from northern colorado and so I'm familiar witht these schools and I just want to give my honest opinion.</p>

<p>Well a couple of points</p>

<p>Wyoming is very cash rich right now while Colorado is struggling with money to support the colleges. AT CSU and CU you will have TAs teaching classes while at WYO 90%+ are taught by full professors. Wyo also caps Freshmen English and math sections at about 23 students so you get very small classes that really help versus the large lecture halls in these classes.</p>

<p>CU boulder is very expensive for OOS and Wyo is on a par in most programs with CSU academically. WYO is a solid choice at a great price. CU is better academically but at a huge price jump. They are not generous with cash either. CSU and Wyo I see little difference in. My sons looked at both for engineering and frankly WYO has the better facilities over CSU. WYO is in a small town so you have to like that environment.</p>

<p>Wyoming has almost $230 Million in new construction going on now and in the next two years.</p>

<p>Well CU is NOT an option for a variety of personal reasons.</p>

<p>However, she is also looking at CSU. She is interested in Photography/Business/Education. Given that, any more thoughts? She has visited (as in drive around) both campuses and we are making her go back and look more closely at both as well as evaluate the various academic programs. Either one would be OOS for us, although we are planning to move to CO within a year of her heading to college.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input so far.


<p>Wyo just committed to a new Business building to begin construction next year I believe. Neither school has great dorms and I would rank the education colleges as a draw. Both Business programs are in the US NEWS top 150 with CSU higher. I have no clue on photography.</p>

<p>Wyo has an out of state scholarship called the Peak Award. If you D has the right GPA and ACT/SAT score she will get a $7,000 scholarship out of a total out of state tuition cost of 10K. It is a new program this year and a pretty good deal.</p>

<p>CSU will have better weather and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere while Wyo is more rural feeling and a tad cold due to the elevation. Wyo is more into sports while the Greek scene is much bigger at CSU and very small at Wyo.</p>

<p>We are from CA and my ds' top three choices are UW, Ohio Wesleyan and Willamette. We are seriously torn. The cost of UW is very appealing but the lack of diversity (BTW ds is multiracial and identifies as AA) and the lack of alumae network outside of the state. On the other hand OWU and Willamette are more cosmopolitan and seem to be more connected here in CA but both will require both all of us to get loans to meet pay for it. Ds is deciding between Engineering and Economics. UW has both majors but OWU and Willamette have 3/2 programs with larger more prestigous schools. Oh and ds is a lacrosse player only OWU has a varsity team both Willamette and UW have club teams.</p>