Wac 22

<p>Anyone taken this class before? I've used the search function and everyone says WAC classes are retardedly easy. But I want to know what kind of stuff the class covers. Here is the summary from schedule of classes:</p>

<p>Cultural/historical survey of role of folklore in development of American civilization and of influence of American experience in shaping folklore in American society; attention also to representative areas of inquiry and analytical procedures.</p>

<p>Sounds hard... to not get an A</p>

<p>Is this a dance class? Because on the enrollment restrictions, it lists "1. DANCE,DANCE/MOVEMENT,WORLD ARTS AND CULTURES, AND CULTURE AND PERFORMANCE ".</p>

<p>However, the description of the class as mentioned in the first post doesn't sound dance-related. Can anyone touch upon this?</p>

<p>it might be restricted to members of those majors only.</p>