My name is Kerri (i can’t post my actual name on here due to my casting company) and for the past year I have done tons of research on colleges for the casting agency I work for. Ive been trying to post on some college pages to help people get a vibe for schools. Let me just say that Wagner College is incredible. They have a BA in Theatre Performance but its basically a BFA program with academic standards. They have incredible faculty including Tony Award winner Michele Pawk and current off broadway actor Theresa McCarthy to name two of the many outstanding professors. They have an amazing dance program, awesome voice lessons, and an absolutely incredible acting program – which all comes together to make their major. This is a college every student should apply to without a doubt. We have it as the top programs at our agency – Wagner, CCM, Michigan, and Carnegie. Its not your typical BA like Marymount or something like that. I really advise every student to look into Wagner.

Anonymous Casting Director :slight_smile: