Wagner Theatre Program

<p>The deadline for Wagner's Theatre Program is December 1st. Anyone else applying?</p>

<p>I have a question. If I get in academically, and then don't get into the theatre program, I'm still allowed to major in something else, right? And is there any way I can after a year or so transfer from a different major at Wagner to theatre and re-audition?</p>

<p>to a rose for emily-</p>

<pre><code> Yes, if you get in academically but are not admitted to the theatre program, they have a theatre studies major open to all and you can re-audition for the performance tract the following year. Anyone can audition for their plays and musicals, not just theatre majors. And you can major in anything else you are interested in. I hope this helps. Sorry for the late response. My D goes there so pm me if you have anymore questions.