Wait-list class of 2023

I haven’t seen any thread for the applicants who chose to be on the wait list so here we go.
We are supposed to share any news, statistics, or decisions (hopefully good ones).
does anyone know the number of the admitted student from waitlist over the last years?

Edited to add, WL stats from the previous year from year listed.

offered WL- 1857
accepting WL placement- 907
admitted off WL- 4

offered- 1656
accept- 766
admit- 38

offered- 2579
accept- 971
admit- 15

offered- 2876
accept- 998
admit- 17

As you can see, they do take kids from the wait list every year but it’s a bit of a Hail Mary pass.

Here is the problem: they only need to go to the waitlist if the number of applicants who reject the school’s offer exceeds the amount that they project. It is not a one-for-one prospect. Typically institutions accept many more people than they expect to attend. I’ve seen so many people say, “I chose another, so I’m opening a spot for a student on the waitlist,” and, unfortunately, that is not typically the case.

any news about the wait-list?

@pfdgjb I just got accepted from the waitlist! Make sure to demonstrate interest and build a good relationship with your admissions rep! They take that very seriously, other than that they said decisions will be revealed on the second week of May.

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Did you got accepted today? via email, portal, or phone?
Are you an international student or domestic?
Did you receive a financial aid package?

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@pfdgjb I got an email about 5 minutes before I posted that saying “Updated Kenyon decision has been released”. I am a domestic student and did not apply for financial aid as I would not have qualified unfortunately.

any updates???

Today I got an email from an Admissions Officer stating that “At this point in time, we are not in a position to take any students off of our wait list. If that changes in the future, we’ll be in touch with you and other interested students. Also, we certainly will update everyone on our wait list by the beginning of June.”
Not good news, sadly

@allerbeste Did you receive the email after inquiring about your wait list status or was that just a general email sent by them?

@Vikarious Congrats on your acceptance! :smiley:

@orangehippo It was after inquiring about my status

@allerbeste Noted, thanks! :slight_smile:

Guys I almost decided on not attending Kenyon as the costs simply would’ve been too high. But I sent a financial aid reconsideration form and they offered a generous grant to attend Kenyon, therefore I will likely be attending.

To those that are on the waitlist and get accepted later or are currently still between colleges due to financials, do consider submitting a reconsideration form if financials are an issue. I almost would’ve missed out on attending Kenyon if I didn’t contact my admissions rep and received more information - learn from my (almost) mistake!

Also, thank you @orangehippo!

still no news?

@Vikarious Ain’t mention! Have a fantastic year ahead in Kenyon! :slight_smile:

@pfdgjb Nope, I recieved the same response as @allerbeste when i inquired the admission team on my waitlist status.

Are we supposed to hear back today (1/6/2019)?

They said by the beginning of June, not an exact date. Let’s keep waiting