Wait-list Statistics at Yale?

<p>Anyone know the wait-list statistics? I know that 932 were waitlisted this year, but generally, how many choose to stay on it? I know that the # of people they pull off the waitlist is roughly 20-59, so I'd like to make a very rough estimate to see my chances. I already got into Princeton, but I might still choose Yale over Princeton. I imagine of the people who choose to stay on the wait-list, the chance would be less than 10% still.</p>

<p>Last year none of very close to zero got in.</p>

<p>I got waitlisted too. I'd love to know what's up.</p>

<p>Check out <a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/yale-university/708819-official-2013-yale-waitlist-thread-3.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/yale-university/708819-official-2013-yale-waitlist-thread-3.html&lt;/a>. Hopefully this year Yale won't be oversubscribed.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/university-news/2009/05/08/yield-rate-beats-expectations/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.yaledailynews.com/news/university-news/2009/05/08/yield-rate-beats-expectations/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Also waitlisted. Hoping the bad economy will work in our favor. I'm going to Duke for now, but would go to Yale if accepted. Not getting my hopes up too high though.</p>

<p>Waitlisted.. Feel dreadful because ive got 6 waitlists and no acceptances. God help miserable boy.</p>

<p>collegehapy: I'm in the same situation as you- accepted at Duke, waitlisted at Yale, would rather go to Yale. I'm hoping the same thing, because reading about last year's waitlistees (thanks for the links, 187!) was not heartening.</p>

<p>ricochet99999: Now that is just cruel! I fervently hope that you are able to get off of one of those waitlists, at least...</p>

<p>also waitlisted. @ricochet99999 - that really sucks. I got 5 waitlists, but luckily I got some acceptances too! I will most likely go to UPenn unless I hear good news from the wait list</p>

<p>I think I'm going to MIT. Unless I fall in love with Hahvahhd or something. </p>

<p>Maybe my UChicago visit will be awesome and I'll go there. But I think it's MIT.</p>

<p>I have a bad feeling that Yale's going to oversubscribe again this year. That is, unless the admissions officers anticipated a similar event from last year. I'm content with with my choices so far though.</p>

<p>Yale</a> Daily News - Admit rate stays flat, waitlist swells</p>

<p>Seven admitted from waitlist last year.</p>

<p>hmmm... “The consolation for turning away so many immensely talented students is knowing that virtually all Yale applicants will be attending great colleges and universities.” Brenzel.</p>

<p>I must be an exception.</p>

<p>not sure if this will be a factor but apparently less upperclassmen are deciding to move off campus, resulting in housing overcrowding
even if yale isnt oversubscribed this year, they may not want to admit more students?</p>

<p>Yale</a> Daily News - Overcrowded housing here to stay</p>

<p>The big unknown is the yield rate. Admissions offices have to predict, based on past experience, how many accepted students will decide to come. It's more of a problem if too many accept (because Yale won't have anyplace to put some of them) than if too few (because you can go to the wait list). Last year, Yale took very few because yield was higher than anticipated. It could be better or worse this year -- it won't be until May that anyone knows.</p>

<p>I just looked at all the common data sets available on Yale's website. I feel pretty certain that some waitlistees (WL) will be accepted from the data. Whether those guys will be CC posters, who knows.</p>

<p>Consolidated Data
Placed=placed on WL
N/A=unavailable/not published
Accepted=students accepting placement on WL
Admitted=Yale said "We want you!" and pointed at them like Uncle Sam does.</p>

Yale Waitlist</p>

<p>2009: 1053 placed, N/A accepted. 59 admitted
2008: 850 placed, N/A accepted, 50 admitted
2007: 728 placed, 204 accepted, 56 admitted
2006: 1094 placed, N/A accepted, 0 admitted (:()
2005: 1239 placed, N/A accepted, 8 admitted
2004: 814 placed, 0 accepted, 0 admitted (???)


<p>I don't know what's up with the 2004 data. Maybe someone hit the wrong button, meant to just not give a number.
The number admitted has ballooned recently. That's a big positive. After three years with the number being in the 50s, some will probably be accepted.
To me though, the biggest comfort in these stats is the 2007 number accepting placement on the WL. If a similar percentage accept this year, we're all really only competing with about 260 other students. Which means we have a higher "real" admit %. 2007's was 27%. (!!!)</p>

<p>I feel so much better now :).</p>

<p>Do you guys have any plans for getting off the WL? I'm considering a lot of things. Obvi, letter of continued interest. Ideas about which I am less sure include: video of my original classical ballet choreography (danced in costumes made by me), lesson plans I've written for when I was an intern-teacher, maybe an essay that talks more about my community service and other things in the same vein (like being an intern-teacher) essays that I think are particularly nice & expressive, essays about my certainty & ardor wrt my major, addt'l recs.
I have one really, really out there idea for a rec, which I will totally never do: Former Harvard professor, current Cambridge professor, who interviewed me. Obvi, a very bad & completely unrealistic idea. I don't even know why I wrote it out. I feel like backspacing it. I guess I brought it up because he's the only guy who can talk about my major.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info! That actually sounds really good. How credible is that data? Maybe campaigning myself by sending updates, recs, letters, and etc. truly can make a difference. Then again, that's 27% of the a really solid applicant pool still. I think I'm going to send them an album of songs I'll play on the piano along with a math project I've been making. Do you know if we just mail them this stuff or do we inform them through e-mail first? I'm a bit worried that they'll just throw away the stuff I send them.</p>

<p>^It's published by Yale and from Yale's website, so I'm guessing it'd be 100% credible. You can check it out for yourself, garner some other interesting statistics: Common</a> Data Set.</p>

<p>I'd suggest calling to figure out how to send things. Different schools have different policies on update style things (eg: for MIT, email a certain guy vs for UChicago, contact through the website).
I think I'm going to talk to my counselor about what's a good idea to send and when. I'll have more to say in late May, like how my quiz team placed a nationals, how much money certain activities (many proposed, hosted, and led by me) of the community service group in which I am in raised, but maybe that's too late. And I don't want to inundate them. Conflicted. >.<</p>


<p>the data u provided for wailistees in the past few years truly make me feel more optimistic about my situation (50+ acceptees from waitlist in the past 3 years and only 204 ppl who accept wl???)</p>

<p>when do u think yale starts considering wl ppl like us? middle of may or something?</p>

<p>I think the little FAQ thing we got is our closest thing to a hint:

As places in the class become available, we select candidates from the group of all who have chosen to remain on the list.


<p>Yale's reply date is May 1, I think, so they likely start considering then. Perhaps a little earlier.
I know someone who got off Harvard's WL, and she was notified on May 16th. Obvi, H&Y are not the same school, but I figure if H is already acdmitting WL people in mid-May, both of them probably begin considerations a few weeks earlier.</p>

<p>When does Yale make their final waitlist decisions and will they be before high school seniors graduate. For example as a waitlisted student with mediocre second semester grades will they even have the ability to consider these or will they strictly go off of what they already have?</p>