Wait List

I’ve been wait listed for Texas State’s BFA Acting program and was wondering how long/if I would typically know? How long is this wait list? Should I just give it two more weeks and accept another school’s offer or could it take longer…?

Do they send rejection letters eventually?

@PuzzledPiece Just curious, are you still on the wait list? Male or Female?

We haven’t heard anything yet,so I assume she is still on the Waitlist.

One girl came off the wait list today.

@MTLegacy Does that mean she was offered a spot in the program?

Yes she was and she accepted. Also, one of the three girls who were still deciding also accepted today.

@MTLegacy sorry to keep bugging you but how many spots does that leave open? If you know…

Unfortunately, I don’t know. I am not sure if the girl from the wait list took the place of one of the other two girls left to hear about or if she was additional. I do know that my son was told that things would be wrapping up soon. There is still one boy deciding this week as well.

@MTLegacy thank you.

@Patrice13 - you’re welcome. Wish I knew more.

@MTLegacy Thank you for all the info you have provided. My daughter committed to Ithaca today and wrote to Kaitlin to take herself off the wait list. It was a hard decision, but it was the right thing to do. She was not going to have a chance to visit and see TSU with students before committing, since she is in a show ATM. And she couldn’t make a decision (if an offer had been made) without experiencing it first hand.

I wish you all a great year and college experience!

@Patrice13 - congrats to your daughter! Ithaca is a wonderful program. I know how tough this time has been for everyone. Best to you!

^^^ Ditto

Thanks @MTLegacy and @MTDadandProud. I hope to hear from both how it all plays out. MTDadandProud, my daughter would have liked to share classes with your son after meeting him at TSU.

As of today, Class of 2019 is set. 7 guys, 6 girls. And, so it begins…

@MTLegacy Despite the message we both saw, I believe Patrice13’s D got an offer from Kaitlin today. Come on and join us! We have an incredibly talented class!

@MTDadandProud - I saw that, too! It’s a great group of kids!