Wait list?

<p>What are you guys doing to get off of it .. has anyone heard back?</p>

<p>no one is suppose to hear back till may 9th at least</p>

<p>i think it really depends on your location...</p>

<p>i just think about flippin a coin and the chances of it landing on its side.</p>

<p>i think its all about how bad you annoy them/show your loveee</p>

<p>i just got a call from vandy admissions and was offered admission..tough choice between emory to whom i put a deposit and now vandy...i guess i hav a week from tomorrow to decide according to admissions</p>

<p>i was offered admission today too... i have no idea what to do. now it's vandy versus northwestern, even though i'm still waiting on georgetown and bc. ahhhh i thought my college dilemmas were over!</p>

<p>edit: because a few folks have asked for demographic purposes, i'm a half-asian female from ohio.</p>

Waitlist Admit Offers Start Today
By Thom
Wednesday May 5, 2010
For much of the day yesterday, my colleagues and I reviewed the status of our deposits and the good news is that we are right where we wanted to be at this point. As I’ve mentioned before, it was always our intention to go to our waitlist at some point and I can now tell you that we will start contacting students as early as this morning. </p>

<p>These offers of admission operate in quite a different fashion as all other decision cycles. We actually call you on the phone either at home or on your cell (if you provided it to us) to ask you if you would like to be admitted. Here’s how it works:</p>

<p>Students selected to be admitted from the waitlist will be called on the phone by their assigned admissions officer. We call using the phone numbers provided on the student’s application, and we will continue calling until we can reach the student.
Once we have the student on the phone, we will indicate that we would like to offer him or her admission to the Vanderbilt 2014 class and will ask if he or she is still interested in being offered admission.
If the student says yes they would like to be admitted, an emailed offer of admission will be sent to the student within 24 hours.
If the student applied for need-based financial aid (and the Office of Student Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships has received all necessary application materials) the student will be emailed an estimated financial aid offer. The emailed offer of admission and financial aid offer should arrive on the same day. We will also mail hard copies of everything to the student.
Once we email you all your admission materials, you must respond within 7 days. If you wish to accept our offer of admission, we must receive your reply form and matriculation deposit within 7 days of the receipt of your emailed offer of admission.
Students who either did not apply for need-based financial aid, or did not have a complete financial aid application, will not receive the financial aid offer email. If you are admitted and do not receive an offer of need-based financial aid, and you thought you had applied, contact the financial aid office.
If you are not called in this round, it does not mean that we ultimately won’t call. Remember we do this in small waves in order to guage the response and see how deposits come back in. We do all of this to make every effort to not over-enroll our class, which is hugely important at Vanderbilt due to of having all first-year students in the Commons.</p>

<p>Congratulations to all newly admitted Commodores!


Still hoping I get a call today, to those who were admitted what did you do to try to get off the wait list? Who was your admission counselor?</p>

<p>i got the call. it never ends, does it?</p>

<p>WOOT! I got in. Got a call from John Gaines</p>

<p>To those who received a call...what state do you live in? Boy or girl? URM by chance? Just trying to determine what region/gender/group they might be targeting.</p>

<p>is this 'wave' going on for a while, or is it just today?</p>

<p>Friend got a call. She's ecstatic! :D</p>

<p>*Decision: Accepted * :D</p>

<p>Male Asian @ Stuyvesant H.S.
Applied VU School of Engineering
SAT: 2250(740 CR 710 WR 800 M)
Subject SATs: 740 Biology 800 Math II
GPA unweighted: 3.6
Ethnicity: Chinese</p>

<p>major: C.S.
hooks: Libertarian-conservative free market capitalist
extracurricular: entrepreneur, political activist
clubs: few
sports: none
income bracket: 25-35k</p>

<p>bahahahahahahahahaha :) :) </p>

<p>yeah i considering my chances as if i flipped a coin and bet that it would never land at all.</p>

<p>no call for me as of yet..... </p>

<p>white female from Georgia.</p>

<p>engineering, male, ohio, white</p>

<p>Did anyone who receive a call today apply to Arts and Science? (I'm only noticing Engineering.)</p>

<p>I did this morning! female, california, half asian half white</p>

<p>how long will this wave go on for? if we didnt get called is that it for the first wave?</p>

<p>my friend who got pulled yesterday applied engineering so i guess it's a possibility that they only pulled from that group of applicants so far</p>