waiting and wondering....

<p>only a month or so until all the letters come, but i was wondering to what everybody thought about my chances:</p>

<p>my stats:</p>

<p>private/public HS: public</p>

<p>ranking: 25 of 114 (about 22nd percentile)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.87 (weighted), 3.5 (unweighted) OR 93.7 on a 100 scale</p>

<p>SAT and/or ACT: 1950 - 700 math, 700 writing, 550 reading + 29 composite</p>

<p>SAT 2's: Math1 - 740, USHistory - 660</p>

<p>AP's: Literature, Language, Calculus AB, Physics B, US History, Music Theory</p>

<p>extracurriculars: captain/all-division player of varsity tennis team, captain of math team, editor of school newspaper, treasurer for sparc/interact (community service club), officer of public relations of diversity club, president/co-founder of animal care club, accompanist/alto singer of ALL choral groups, 2nd chair 1st violin/accompanist of ALL orchestral groups, team manager of varsity basketball team, member of robotics team, member of literary magazine, member of key club, member of art club, member of national honor society, member of tri-m music honor society, and member of math honor society.</p>

<p>out of school activities: member of surfrider foundation (volunteer/beach advocate) and volunteer at local soup kitchen</p>

<p>part time job: 2 jobs during sophomore/junior year</p>

<p>special awards: none really, except rotary club student of the month, ap scholar, and a few simple acheivement awards in the fine arts, music, and writing.</p>

<p>writing ability (0 to 5 --> 0-how could you even submit your essay!? 3-average 5-go write for the nytimes): 4</p>

<p>teacher recommendations (0 to 5 --> 0-do they know you? 3-average 5-they're practically kissing your toes): 4</p>

<p>schools applied (<em>for schools already accepted):
- cuny-city college</em>
- carnegie mellon
- columbia
- cornell
- drexel
- illinois insistute of technology*
- mcgill
- northeastern*
- pratt*
- risd
- tulane*
- suny-buffalo*
- uc-berkeley
- uhartford*
- umaryland-college park*
- u of southern california
- utoronto
- virginia tech</p>

<p>gimme honest answers to what schools you think will take me...thanks!!!</p>

<p>also, i didn't apply as any specific ethnic background, but as female. i'm also a canadian citizen/us permanent resident. i live in long island, ny.</p>

<p>In at Vtech, Toronto, Drexel.</p>

<p>actually, drexel deferred me</p>

<p>columba--extreme reach unless ur getting recruited</p>

<p>yeah, thats what i thought, except they gave me an interview...</p>

<p>i dont know their policy on interviews at all. i didnt request one, that's all i know, but i did pretty good, as far as i know.</p>

<p>also got into utoronto and vtech now</p>