Waiting for a call...?

D’16 spoke with admissions office last week for a school that likes demonstrated interest that we have been unable to visit being long distance OOS. Admissions office set up an appointment to have an admissions rep call her today at 4:00. It’s 4:20 and no call. Not sure if D’16 misunderstood and she was supposed to call the rep and not the rep call D’16. There is an hour time difference but D’16 made sure to be home waiting for call at 4:00 school’s time too. What would you do next?

The admissions officer may be running late with another applicant. At some point if you haven’t heard, contact admissions.

Just have her contact admissions and explain the situation. I’m sure she must have been tense waiting for the call and then…nothing. But whatever happened was surely unintentional.

When you say “admissions rep” do you mean an employee of the Admissions Department, or could it be an alum who is representing the school? Because if it’s an alum, it won’t be the first time that an interview was blown off! I know of someone that happened to last year, the student was simply blown off by the alum and the interview never happened. She contacted admissions the next day but unfortunately in her case it was too late in the game to have it rescheduled so she went without an interview, through no fault of her own. I guess the moral of the story is, alumni are just people, and some act responsibly and some don’t!

Are you in the same time zone?

I believe that D’16 scheduled the phone call with an employee not an alum. At any rate she sent an email to the assigned state admissions rep. Who has responded with an I’m sorry not sure what happened. Send me an email if you have any questions I will address your questions or call the office again. I’m guessing D’16 will just send email. D’16’s purpose for the call was simply to demonstrate her sincere interest in the school even though we have not been able to visit.

Thanks for everyone’s advice.


Not to sound nasty or evil but applicants can be a challenge (or as you put it - human) too. At least 25% of the kids I interview are either late, no-shows with no notice before the interview, or are rude.

The process is stressful on all.