Waiting for acceptance?

<p>Hey all,
I have read the threads from other parents and students on here about UMW several times and now I am hoping that someone can provide some insight.</p>

<p>Daughter applied EA in Nov. She received an email notice in early December that her application was not complete. She was missing transcripts. She checked online via the school site and they had marked as sent on Nov. 14.<br>
She went to her school counselor the next day and school counselor said this has happened many times with UMW. She said she would call and talk with the rep from UMW and resend if needed.<br>
UMW intake rep sends an email stating they found her transcript and have now personally handed off to the Dean that handles admissions in our area.<br>
Great! Ball is rolling.<br>
Except daughter receives another email from the same intake rep stating she is still awaiting the information.
I decide to call the rep directly. She says it was miscommunication and the app is complete and she did hand off to the Dean and results should be sent before Christmas. Okay. This is fantastic!<br>
Christmas comes and goes. Nothing. A few friends from school get accepted. Yeah the excitement of fellow friends admitted encourages her and she hopes she will be too.
Nothing. So she called a week ago and now UMW says her app was not EA?<br>
I called back and spoke with another rep and she said it was EA and it is being reviewed. Goodbye and hangs up.<br>
Right now my feelings about UMW are not very good.<br>
Here are some of details on app:
3.78 UGPA
4.02 WGPA
1750 SAT (this could be reason but last student accepted at her HS had a 1749)
AP/Honor courses
State, District, and County accolades for two and three years
Volunteer hours
NHS member 2 years</p>

<p>I read on here the longer the reply, then you are probably getting rejected. I wish they would just send the rejection letter at this time if it is true. My question is, do they defer kids to the regular admission? Just curious.</p>

<p>Just received acceptance after applying EA to UMW; no transcript problems. I suspect in our case at least they wanted to see first semester grades.</p>

<p>Congratulations and thank you Dimanisi! Fingers crossed for good news here! Hope this helps others that are curious too! </p>