Waiting for Michigan .... OSU, Maryland, Wisconsin Business School or IU Kelley

We got money at OSU, IU, waiting to hear about UMD and Wisconsin . Would like honest opinions if we were to get money from each. Direct admit to B schools and honors. OOS for all.

  1. Michigan
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Indiana
  4. Maryland
  5. Ohio State

Rationale - 1. Overall college reputation is most important. 2. All colleges and business schools are respectable 3. Strong business program gives IU a big bump, but truly takes the least competitive student and that matters. 4. IU and UMD are almost a tie.

Michigan, as you know is a different level - both the university and business school.


Did you apply to UMich and Ross EA or RD?

Agree that UMich ranks #1 on your list. After that, I would like to see net costs for each school and how you are paying for them ( Cash/529? Loans?).

What major, and job type, are you thinking? Where do you want to live when you graduate?

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Applied to Michigan EA, postponed. Didn’t apply to Ross.

Paying Cash, merit, 529 at all others.

I am from the South I got in the business school at all the other colleges. I think I want a Finance Degree and work in New York, but maybe now go back home.

Thanks for sharing these details. Would it be your intent to major in econ at UMich then? Maybe minor in something at Ross? If so, I would probably still choose Mich, but right now that’s not a choice.

I would take a look at job placement data for each of these schools…and see where (companies, locations, job function) the finance majors are getting jobs. If it’s not on the websites, reach out to the career centers and ask…they have that info.

Congratulations on the acceptances you have so far, you are going to have good choices, even if UMich doesn’t work out. Good luck and keep us updated.

You had better hide if any OSU alumnus passes by :laughing:

I also have some southern options that are less expensive. I was specifically asking about the Northern schools because I am going to visit and want to make sure it’s worth the trip too. I have done the research. It’s confusing because some websites/people/advisors say Kelley is great, but not IU. OSU and UMD are up and coming. Wisconsin is everyone’s “second” choice behind Michigan.

I am in the south we have our stereotypes down here too. I guess help me compare them too -

Georgia Tech

Which of these schools have you been accepted to?

Denied GT
UGA honors/business
UT Econ
Deferred UNC
Denied UVA
UF comes out Friday
Also got into FSU honors yesterday

Also got into Miami and Tulane

@erd1020 Personally, I think you need to narrow your choices down, because right now, your list is huge and a bit unwieldy. They’re all great schools overall.

Not sure why you would need to hide from an OSU alumnus? :roll_eyes:

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I didn’t write that someone else did.

I am asking about the Northern schools. I am planning to visit the schools and really wanted to understand the differences between them. Do I visit 2 or 3 or 4 schools? (I have already been to Ann Arbor)

I know. And OSU is so close to Maryland - and on an upward trajectory, too.

Oh it looks like a long drive.

funny but i meant “close” as in not significantly less in quality of university and business school.

UGA, Miami, Tulane - on the Wisconsin level

UM and UF are both way better than UGA

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I am biased but tend to agree. On the other hand, Georgia residents think very highly of their school these days.

UM is next to impossible to get into these days. They give a lot of money, but not easy to get in at least from my high school.

Anyway not staying in The south

I really want to go north that’s why I was asking about the northern schools. I do t know much about them.

I k ow the other person said my list was a lot, but those are the typical southern schools people apply to bc they either give money or like my HS

Here are Wisconsin, IU, and OSU placement data. Wisconsin and IU have nearly identical outcomes for finance majors, OSU trails somewhat. Look at this data for the schools that stay on your list.

I agree with sushiritto that you ultimately have to narrow the list based on some combination of job outcomes, classes required for the major/core requirements, how/why the school appeals to you, net cost, where you want to live after graduation (however you rate those factors). Right now I would probably drop OSU and Maryland, but that’s just based on how I weight the various factors.


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Fisher is the name of the accounting school at UF I wonder if they are they the same? :woman_shrugging:

Thanks!!! This helps