waiting for other admission letters..

<p>I am a transfer student from a community college and I have applied to 3 different schools. ODU, VCU, and Norfolk state.
Odu has accepted me, but I would like to hear back from the other schools and compare costs and other stuff. ODU is saying I should pay for my admission deposit asap can I wait to hear back from the other schools first or do I have to commit asap to get good housing and such. Keep in mind I wont be attending until fall 2012, am I way ahead of the game or do I need to commit soon??</p>

<p>It's in ODU's interest to get you to commit, not necessarily yours. Is housing very limited? If so, then you might want to consider it. Then you run the risk of getting a better offer later and then losing money/deposit or some portion of it that you've paid to ODU. If you don't sense that the housing is too crunched, I'd advise waiting for the other offers.</p>

<p>Alternatively, it might be worth your calling Norfolk and VCU to see if they can give you earlier notification and aid package information -- telling them your situation. They might give you an answer if they are inclined to accept you and don't want to lose out on you to ODU.</p>

<p>Think of ODU as a car salesman. He wants you to buy his without going to any other showroom.</p>

<p>its funny you mentioned that because I am actually a car salesman part-time while i am finishing up community college haha..I don't thin housing should be limited as of yet though</p>