Waiting might kill me...

<p>I got into JMU.. I didn't get into UVA. At first I was upset but after doing a lot of research I realize I never really stood a chance at UVA. My concern is will I get into my 1st choice VT. </p>

<p>I have an UW GPA of 4.0. My WGPA is a 4.8. I am ranked 4th in my class of 400. I have taken 6 AP courses included calc, chem and physics. My SAT was almost 2100.. my writing was a 770, Reading was a 690 but math was a bit low with a 630. I did get a 5 in my ap physics exam and all my math grades have been A/A+. </p>

<p>Waiting till April is gonna be the death of me! Do they ever let you know sooner? Will my scores be good enough to get into the school of Engineering? Will I get into VT at all? Not getting into UVA threw me a curve ball but since I am OOS I understand why. </p>

<p>Any input??</p>

<p>I predict you will get into VA Tech no problem and I think your stats and highschool coursework are very strong for getting you into the engineering program. Assuming you are female based on your username…? that is a big plus for the engineering program too!</p>

<p>Good luck to you</p>

<p>I would be completely shocked if you DON’T get into the COE… my son had similar stats and he found out last year by mid-January. Just keep checking your application status online and GOOD LUCK! It was not initially his first choice, but seriously he couldn’t possibly love anywhere else as much as he loves VT…</p>

<p>hokiegirl14 sorry about UVa. Based on the stats you list, I think you stood a solid chance of getting int UVA as an OOS (based on Dean J’s recent blog post of the average class rank and SAT scores of OOS early action admits for 2014). I’m surprised you weren’t at least deferred. Anyway, I think you have an excellent shot at VT engineering. I agree with gigagirl that being female applying to Engineering is a big plus.</p>