Waiting time?

<p>I just sent in my app yesterday, and received the confirmation emails last night that it was submitted and received in the office. I sent in my teacher rec, counselor form and transcript about 2 wks ago. How long should it take to get a decision? (I am out of state, if that makes a difference (MD)). Do they mail it, email it or something else?</p>


<p>Hey, im a fellow Marylander. It took me about a month to hear, but it might take a little longer for you because they are probably getting the bulk of the apps now. It comes in the mail...</p>

<p>I'm impatient! I sent out my app on the oct 18th</p>

<p>I sent mine in on August 31. I still have yet to hear from them. I'm getting kind of worried...</p>

<p>LTW, do not panic. You should hear back from Michigan in the next week or two...at the very maximum. I assume you received a confirmation of your application.</p>

<p>Yup, I received my confirmation letter back in September. Thank you for the reply Alexandre.</p>

<p>ltw902 did you send it by mail?</p>

<p>nope, I sent mine through the online method. It seemed easier to me.</p>

<p>When you guys say confirmation letters do you mean one that states "All materials of your application have been received?" </p>

<p>I have received an e-mail where they tell me, "We have received your web application and begun its processing." However I feel that the guidance counselor office at my school may be unreliable, and I'm hoping they make a practice of sending an "all materials received" confirmation e-mail or letter.</p>

<p>Lepenguin, unfortunately, Michigan does not send a letter or email stating that your application is complete or that all materials have been received. I called the admissions office on the phone to ask the same question, and they told me that they will contact you if something is missing from your file. But with rolling admissions, that's really not very helpful! We were lucky, though, because the person on the phone was willing to check on the computer to see if everything had arrived for my son's application, and she informed me that his application is complete. So, if you think all of your materials should be there by now, you could try calling and see if you get a nice, helpful response like we did.</p>

<p>I called and they are very nice. The woman said that my app is complete.</p>