<p>So, the Colgate website has a picture of them loading the decision letters into the mail truck at noon today. So nervous I can barely stand it. Son applied ED, but counting on money so twice the stress.</p>

<p>Me too...so stressed !</p>

<p>Central New York neighbor received his acceptance today!</p>

<p>where is the picture of them sending the pictures into the truck? i am waiting too. :(</p>

<p>Go to the Admissions and Fin Aid page of the colgate.edu site, right side.</p>

<p>Best of luck with your application!</p>

<p>Son asked that we not even look in the mailbox let alone open the decision. Told him I couldnt quite honor that - needed to know if it came so his dad could come home from work to be here when he opened it. Nothing but a small pathetic looking envelope so it is not looking good. He will be CRUSHED. Wishing all the best to others waiting.</p>

<p>where do you live? still didn't receive anything in southern new york today... too nervous to wait this long :(</p>

<p>upstate NY, near Rochester.
Hopefully for you it just takes an extra day to send the heavier packet. Good luck.</p>

<p>Acceptances, as you always hear, tend to be in big fat envelopes due to the many forms they include; rejections are brief "thank you so much for applying" notes. I wouldn't rush home for a thin envelope, but I would be ready with encouragement that other colleges will think differently about your son or daughter.</p>