Waitlist - Anyone ever get off it here?

<p>I know Rider accepts many more students than they want to yield. My question is do kids ever get off their wait list? Thx!</p>

<p>I was watching the accepted students group on FB too see who was accepting/declining…then my S removed himself so now I can’t see it. I know the numbers are going down on that group. This program is probably too new for anyone to experience this yet…unfortunately. Hang in there! Good things are coming for her, I just know it.</p>

<p>cellomom51- I bet if you called admissions they could give you an idea of this? Since the program is newer?
They are REALLY nice there. I would ask for Marianne Kollar- Probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life. </p>

<p>The answer to my question is yes, yes they DO get off the Rider waiting list! D was accepted into the BFA MT program today (April 21) so for future wait list people, do NOT give up! Write your ad com, the head of the department and let them know this school is your number one choice, have an extra person or two send a very strong recommendation, re-visit the school, etc. It DOES work!</p>

<p>YAY cellomom51! Rider is a AMAZING program with so much to offer and so many opportunities for performing and networking! So happy for you! </p>