Waitlist/Blinn TEAM - May 17 - Decisions

<p>Its May 17th and still no change on AIS!
Has anyone received their decision today?
I called TAMU and they said that decisions could be made up until Thursday!?
This wait is frustrating because I hear housing on campus is full.. so then I would have to look for a place fast..</p>

<p>Don't know much about Blinn team, but I don't know who told you housing was full on campus. Housing assignments aren't even made til Summer.</p>

<p>I've been accepted to Blinn team about a week ago & most of my friends are too.
& yes, on campus housing is full so I'm looking at off campus now
I hope you see a change soon!</p>

<p>Have patience, OP. You should really go with your other options for now...</p>

<p>Matt516 - On campus housing is full. Housing assignments are different from applying for housing...</p>

<p>Could you elaborate, Xcellerator? I'm an incoming freshman, don't know much about the housing process. When you say housing is full, you mean that the application process is closed, I gather. How can you know if its full if assignments haven't been made? I apologize if I sound ignorant, I probably have no idea what I'm talking about.</p>

<p>Hey matt! I think i can answer your question. Ok so the housing office knows exactly how many on campus beds they have. so what they do is they accept as many applications as they have beds and then they start a waitlist. then from a mix of first come first served and seniority they make a list to decide what dorms everyone will be in. so they have no room left because they have accepted as many applications as they have beds. so even though housing assignments dont go out until july, they dont have any room left for people unless alot of people decide not go to go TAMU or change their mind about living on campus</p>

<p>Hi everyone. Don't worry about the on campus being full. There are PLENTY of Off Housing places that are real close and many are on the A&M shuttle route.. There are a lot of really nice places out there that are about 5 minutes from campus with vacancies. (Don't stress out about this at all) Call the A&M residence office and get a list of off campus places to look at after you get your acceptance. Good luck & Best Wishes..</p>