Waitlist class of 2023

hey guys, has anyone got off the gettysburg waitlist till now? please comment!

I just got in. They called me tonight.

My son got an email and VM (congrats, we have good news, etc.) last night to call admissions today.

Can I guess that the F/A at this point won’t be anything substantial? IIRC G-burg was one of those schools that said Wait List likely meant less F/A?

Just spoke with Admissions: they won’t release F/A statements on accepted Wait List students until Admissions personally speaks with the student or parent. And yes, Admissions says there is still F/A money available if you’re accepted off the Wait List. They said it takes 12-24 hours after speaking with the student (considered an official Acceptance) for the award email to go out.

so im probably not getting in at this point right…