Waitlist Discussion- Fall 2020 Virginia Tech

I received my admission decision yesterday and was waitlisted. I applied for General Engineering in hopes to be apart of the new Biomedical Engineering program being offered at the University. I have a GPA of 3.93 unweighted and 4.14 weighted. I also got a 1420 on my SAT, which to my understanding, are above the requirements for the College of Engineering. I was really disappointed to receive a waitlist decision being that Virginia Tech was my top choice and was wondering if anyone had any in-site on how the process works and when those waitlisted would hear back from the school about a final admission decision?

Just looking at Virginia Tech’s data regarding the waitlist doesn’t help very much, unfortunately. 2016 - 1700 students admitted off waitlist, 2017 - 0, 2018 - 2000, 2019 - We will see.

2018 had 1900 and 2019 had 0 that probably means nothing . It all depends how many people say NO. My question is they say the waitlist is unranked and unnumbered So how do they decide who gets in

I too applied early decision this year to tech and got deferred then waitlisted. I have great credentials and lots of leadership in extracurriculars. I honestly think that early decision deferred applicants didn’t get a second look at their application and instead got thrown into the waitlisted pile. Two of my friends who got deferred from ED also got waitlisted and same with my older brother a few years back. I am yet to hear of any ED deferred Applicants get accepted in the early action Pool. I hope I’m wrong but if this is the case it’s truly disappointing.

@Rvan55 I do not believe this is the case, as I know someone who was deferred ED get accepted in this round of decisions, but I agree, it sure does seem as if those who applied ED and were deferred were sent immediately to the waitlist. I’m certain they reviewed everyone’s application, however, to an extent, at least.

Previous posters what majors did you apply to?

Wasn’t VT the school that was turning double dorm rooms into triples due to unexpected over enrollment? That may have happened in that zero year. Until I see that has unwound, I would move on.

@drewh02 thank you good to know

@Empireapple I applied to business information technology

I agree with others who have said this year’s VT waitlist activity will be hard to gauge due to their huge over enrollment of Class of 2023 (this year’s freshmen class).

VT could go to the waitlist this year, but will depend on how conservative they were with the number of admits this cycle and the proportion of class of 2023 deferrals (one of things offered to ease the over enrollment) who choose to join class of 2024.

Also, waitlisted applicants who do not need financial aid will have an advantage if VT does ultimately go to the waitlist.

I would make sure to have your S deposit elsewhere and get excited by the idea of attending whatever school that is.

Good luck.

Since my D was put on the wait list last night, I have tried to crunch the numbers. To be candid, it does not look good, and it appears to be time for Plan B.

In the Q and A posted by Admissions online, they acknowledge receiving over 31,000 applications for 2020 and state as follows;

“…we expect 6,675 to accept our offer and enroll. If we have fewer than than 6,675 students accept our offer, we will offer admission to some of the students who choose to remain on our wait list.”

Last year (2019), they had 31,974 applications and 7651 enroll - and ZERO offers to kids on the wait list.

So 31,000 applications came in again this cycle. The odds that less than 6,675 of them accept an Initial offer seem very low.

However, there is some hope in the numbers from 2018, when they also had over 31,000 applications and only enrolled 6,285 - even AFTER they offered 1896 on the wait list!

So, who knows what will happen…

In reading all the blog entries of the last 16 hours, it is difficult to understand the decisions made by Admissions. Students over 1460 on the SAT are being wait listed while others below 1100 are admitted.

@Oldtimer42 Totally agree with your post. First i have to say that as In State I am totally disappointed with the WHOLE VT admission process. My son applied to 10 schools and it was by far the worst run and the application was piss poor
That being said I understand their management this year but to wait list kids with the credentials I have seen and accept others far below is BS

My son applied Business undecided and his numbers were not as high as some that got waitlisted but when i see some from OOS with much lower GPA and SAT scores in same major i have to SMH. He had great EC and his essays were good not great but 120 words is really hard to make a big statement

Will VT come out with the number from EA of 1) ADMITTED 2) WAIT LISTED and 30 DECLINED
I think it would do them some good to put these out ASAP to be transparent. UGA had their numbers out same day and so did UVA.

So it is possible that they accepted less and put more on a WL than last year just to manage but i still want to know how they will pull the ones off the WL

Last year you had 31,974 apply and 22,393 accepted by VT. The result was an overenrollment of 700-1000 students. This was a lot of bad publicity last year (even though I believe they handdled as well as they could) and I’m sure they are using waitlist to help with several strategies this year.

Therefore, it sounds like similiar applications this year but I’m going to then assume they only gave out just under 20,0000 acceptance range and probably wait listed 2,000+. As others have mentioned, VT may be trying to improve their yield and acceptance rate numbers by using the waitlist as well. If that is the case - high performers may get contacted sooner than later for a possible spot.

I’m going to make a guess here that we see about 500 off waitlist this year.

@cbl1 Does VT publish their stats like that within a short amount of time? Thats one thing i really admired about UGA- they were very tranparent about everything and if VT let everyine know “We accepted this many” and "This many were waitlisted , those waiting could get a feel for what could happen. They also have to account for RD

sorry to hear you are waitlisted. good luck. You sound worthy!

Pamphlin BI. Very qualified. Will find success in life regardless. Huge amount of service. Oh well

How many did they offer admissions to this year?
Agree - time to move on, as my son is doing. Very resilient, considering he was ED and really wanted to be a Hokie like his dad for a long time. He was accepted everywhere else - they will see what a good guy they got. It’s fine. If he gets off waitlist, it’s another story but not holding his breath. Best to get excited for plan B.

thank you for the responses

Do you really think that the waitlist is unranked and unnumbered…or do you think its just that the rank and numbers are not published? I’d have to think that they have lists for every major ready and waiting.

My son was COE (wants to go CS). He is planning to have his High School counselor give VT admissions a call to find out what the deal is and reinforce his desire to be a Hokie. Fingers crossed, but we’re also not blind to the fact that he needs to find his new #1.