Waitlist for 2023

Was just offered a chance to stay on Waitlist. I’ve said yes. Was wondering if there are many more interested. Im interested in engineering and loved their program. I had near perfect math score on SAT and 3.9 GPA.

Yeah I was also offered to stay on the waitlist for the College of arts and science.

@realgoodkid I was also contacted to see if I wanted to stay on waitlist. Said no -I applied to school of management. Excited to be going to Lafayette!!. Good luck

Yes we got email to ask if we want to remain on waitlist. Confirmed it for Arts and Science.
DD has 3.92 GPA and ACT of 30.

She SIRed to a UC meanwhile. Who knew this could be so crazy. She was on waitlists for several schools.

For fun, we clicked yes. DS applied for engineering. 34 ACT.

Was just accepted off the waitlist yesterday!

I was accepted off waitlist Monday into School of Management. Committed to Lafayette but having second thoughts. I love both schools but I am very interested in the business school at Bucknell where I would study finance but I am concerned about the party vibe and dominate Greek life at Bucknell. Still leaning heavily to Lafayette but I really liked the program at Bucknell. So confused - Any thoughts would be appreciated

I was accepted off the waitlist tooo. I don’t know if imma commit because I’ve committed to Trinity College and I don’t want to keep switching. I really like Bucknell though

@jaspers My DS accepted Bucknell regular decision and is very social but not into drinking. After looking at all their clubs and outdoor activities, figured he could find his way. It was down to Lafayette and Bucknell. Really liked Lafayette’s academics and was hard to walk away from. They are both great schools, came down to a feeling where he felt a fit.

@kwajmama Thanks - I visited both schools last week - both are great and very similar. In the end, Bucknell’s college of management was the difference maker and the facilities are top notch!

I am declining my Bucknell offer due to the limited financial aid they offered me. Great school though.

@erlync Best of luck at Trinity!!

@Jaspers Thank you so much!!! Good luck at Bucknell

For those who following this…years from now, I’m still waiting. It’s been more than two weeks since I confirmed that I’m still interested in attending and agreed to stay on waitlist I’ve heard nothing from Bucknell. I would have at least expected a rejection letter by now. Weirdly, this seems much like what I experienced even after I first applied to attend. One or two emails advising on some random things, but nothing more. I’m beginning to think I’m stupid for even applying. If this is how I’m treated as an applicant, will it be much better as a student?

@realgoodkid - you do know that the term Waiting List indicates that a wait should be expected? Many schools do not notify waitlisted students of their acceptance or rejection until well into June. I really don’t think it is a negative reflection on Bucknell.

My son received an email yesterday about coming off the wait list. We will probably call and find out the details. He’s already committed to a good fit school so it’s likely a no. As a reference…civil engineering.

Get no new info from bucknell so far. I don’t expect that I could get enrolled anymore. from the day first result of the application came out to today, they are just like the nightmares. could you believe I have had prepared for US universities for nearly 3years,but I can just go to Australian university due to the horrible results of my applications. I just wanna know the final one as soon as possible,no matter it’s good or not.

I received an email asking me for a telephone interview for admission off the waitlist. I have decided turn them down and will now attend elsewhere. This is all too much. I understand that waitlist means to have to wait, but I’ve now been waiting for more than six months, and now i feel stupid for having beat up on myself and beat up on my accomplishments for not getting in to Bucknell in the first round of acceptances. It’s sad how college applications and SATs are an artificial way of summarizing our existence and value. Im worth so much more.

if it helps, may 7th i received and email asking me to schedule a phone call to discuss my joining the class of 2023. I schedule a phone call and on that talk a counselor told me I had been accepted off the waitlist and I needed to give an answer within 48 hours. I accepted and will be attending next year:) basically what im saying is if you received the email about an interview for admission, its not an interview, its them telling you that you got in!!!

My son got a text yesterday from Bucknell that he was admitted off waitlist. We know it’s a great school and he was honored to get in, but at this point he selected his college about 2 months ago and was excited about his choice, and now it’s so hard to change everything.