Waitlist plea!

<p>okay so lurking on the forums, i've noticed some disturbing posts where people have stated that they're going to remain on the waitlist just to see if they can get in ! i know my post may seem useless and people will do what they want and getting off of the waitlist is still very slim, but please, waitlisted people, if you have no intention of going/there's a VERY small chance, then please remain off of it! thank you in advance! there are people out there whose dream school is chicago! </p>

<li>desperate CC'er</li>

<p>Don't worry, some people do think like you! I turned down Duke's waiting list spot yesterday for the same reason - don't think I would even consider going there if I got in in May/June.</p>

<p>yeah.. same for me and washu..</p>

<p>Yeah please please drop the UCHig waitlist if you have no plans to go there please.</p>

<p>haha this thread is so cute</p>

<p>lol predisposition just give up hope for Washington U..it'll be easier to get accepted to Heaven than WUSTL.</p>

<p>As for Chicago, everybody get off the waitlist! So I can get in! :D</p>

<p>This is probably a stupid question, and it's not directed specifically towards Chicago: do you specifically have to tell the admission office that you want to be taken off of a waitlist, or will they assume that you don't want a spot because you never responded back?</p>

<p>@xRCalico: When you click respond, there should be a spot to say no. Otherwise, not responding should imply that you no longer want to be on it.</p>