Waitlist Question

<p>If 26 student(s) are enrolled, with a limit of 45 and 26 student(s) are on the waiting list, with a limit of 45. </p>

<p>This course has no restrictions at the coursewide level.
Seats have been reserved for:</p>

<p>Instructor Approval; a Class Entry Code is required to enroll in these seats. (Open)
Students with a major of Chinese Language or Japanese Language (Open)
Students in the College of Letters and Science and Students with a class level of Freshman or Sophomore (Full)</p>

<p>If i'm 25 on the waiting list, can i get in? it's for korean 7a.</p>



<p>Taking out my crystal ball, I see that 4 people with Chinese language majors will enroll in the future, 2 with Japanese language as a major, 7 of the currently registered students will drop the class for another between now and the end of the second week of class. That means you would end up with 25 registered and the waitlist would clear 20 people in. You admit defeat on September 10th at 2:38PM.</p>

<p>Seriously, we can't tell you. They have room for 19 more students but are keeping those open for any and all Chinese or Japanese language majors who want to enroll. Depends on how many if any of these will enroll. If none do, then you will still have 19 openings when phase II ends. At some point, the department will open up all the remaining slots to the waitlist. The first 19 (less any language majors) will definitely get a spot. If seven people drop the class (a combination of registered students and waitlist members ahead of you), then you will get in. </p>

<p>If you adjust this to ignore the anomalies from the reserved language major spots, the class would have 45 registered and you would be number 7 on the waitlist.</p>

<p>The 'rule of 10%' we use would say that up to about 5 on that virtual waitlist will get in. You are in a questionable position because your position is more than 10% of the enrollment (4.5).</p>