Waitlist Question

<p>So I got waitlisted for this class that has half the seats of the class open, I think they're reserved for people of the major but obviously no one of that criterion is signing up. I believe the waitlist is manual, I'm 6th and there are 30 open slots right now. How does that work since it's manual? Should I email the instructor? Or if not will I get an email telling me that I'm off the waitlist or do I have to keep checking. I have access to the classes bspace as of now...but I'm not sure if that means anything or does everyone, even waitlisted people, get access to it.</p>

<p>If I'm not wrong, once Phase 2 ends (august 16th) they'll start adding people off the waitlist ('people' here refers to those who are not automatically qualified under certain categories, like you). Different departments have different criteria for manual waitlists, it would be good to go to the department webpages and see if you can find some sort of explanation (for example, Sociology has this uber-long thesis-like page regarding waitlists). To find out the exact slots/categories for priority registration, go to the schedule of classes, search for that course and click the link that says 'course restrictions'.</p>

<p>I guess if you are at your wit's end you can email the instructor but since you're on the waitlist (with quite a good position) you should wait until Phase 2 ends and see if you get off the waitlist then. (:</p>

<p>Ok thanks for the info, I guess I'll wait until the adjustment phase starts and see what happens. Even if I emailed them I wouldn't really know what to say xD just like umm I want to be in your class, please let me in.</p>

<p>Some people on the waitlist won't show up for the first day of classes and be dropped. Be there, show interest, your odds are good.</p>