waitlist survivor...

<p>Hi guys,
i'm super surprised that I got off the waitlist at Princeton...and while im SOO excited about it and really want to go, i'm just a little worried if waitlist survivors are treated or viewed the same by students/ the school as those admitted first? is it possible that i'll be at any disadvantage at all? like maybe housing, orientation and stuff?
thanks a lot for answering my worries!!:-)</p>

<p>No not at all! None of us knows who was on the waitlist. No one says stuff like, "I bet he was waitlisted." All Princeton students are equal in the eyes of both the administration and the student body. Congratulations on your acceptance!</p>

<p>He lies! I didn't get into any of my classes that I wanted. I got the worst housing. My financial aid was significantly worse than all of my friends. AND they made me wear a dunce cap that said "waitlistee" for an ENTIRE year.</p>

<p>thanks weasel8488!:)
and coughdrop..do you actually attend princeton??</p>

<p>haha no...I think all students understand that they could just as easily have been a waitlistee...waitlisted students are those that Pton would have taken in the first place if they had 200 more spaces! No one even knows, honestly...I just found out that one of my friends was waitlisted, and I'm a sophomore haha</p>

<p>sooo...CONGRATS on princeton...that's incredible and you're going to have an amazing time!!!!</p>

<p>aww thanks a lot mochamaven:):)</p>

<p>Out of curiosity, how did the admissions office inform you that you'd gotten off the waitlist? Do they phone-inform international students also?</p>

<p>yup, they did phone-inform me...which totally scared the hell out of me lol i never really got any call straightfrom the office..</p>

<p>Anting - I presume you are going to accept princeton. What school are you giving up to attend Princeton?</p>