waitlist to merit scholarship

<p>I was counting on getting in and was wishing for (though not expecting) a merit scholarship.</p>

<p>I was waitlisted. Basically, I am trying to decide how aggressively I should make my case to the admissions office in the next month.</p>

<p>Basically, here's the gist of my situation. I got full tuition to emory. Even if I eventually get off the waitlist at Chicago, should I pass up the money at emory? (note that I do not expect to get any need-based). Personally, I would be happy at both, although I had been in love with Chicago mmuch more than emory. advice on this please</p>

<p>finally, is there the slightest ppossibility of going from waiting list to getting a merit scholarship?</p>

<p>From their blog:

There is no waiting list for merit scholarships – we’ve given out all that we will give out.


<p>Chicago's</a> Uncommon Application</p>

<p>Wow - congrat's on Emory. </p>

<p>A big part of your decision is going to be how you and your folks can deal with the money. If you are considering taking on heavy debt - don't do it. If your folks are in a position to pay (or to borrow without sinking their retirement ... too much, anyway) and are willing to do so, then discuss the situation with them. Whats right for one student and family may be wrong for another.</p>