<p>So guys, I just received a letter today stating i am wait listed at Wash U in St. Louis...Should I even consider a spot on waiting list as it seems that this year ALL schools received a lot more applications..UCLA had 55000 for 4700 spots. got a rejection from there</p>

<p>So should I contact my adviser regarding this matter..Also I applied in Wash U's business school(Olin) but now have decided to either major in biology or biochemistry..Should I inform them about the change, and will the change play a role in waitlist???</p>

<p>Please let me know...Thanks!!</p>

<p>Well, do you want to be on the waitlist? How important is WashU to you? You should decide based on whether it's worth it to you personally.</p>

<p>As far as contacting your adviser goes...that's what they're there for, isn't it? You might as well get a qualified opinion.</p>