<p>I got waitlisted... anybody know the rate of getting in through wait list?</p>

<p>Id imagine the rate is very low. I have gotten waitlisted at other schools and it is basically a nice way of them to reject you without totally hurting your feelings. I would move on...but hey if you happen to get off, jackpot!</p>

<p>I do not know the odds, but I teach at JMU and I do have students in my class who did get in off of the waitlist. However, you may not find out until after the May 1st deposit deadline at another school, so you should be sure to put down a deposit at another school by May 1st. If you do get into JMU off of the waitlist (after May 1st) and decide to attend you will forfeit your deposit at the other school.</p>

<p>I have a fried who is a college counselor, and she suggests that students (1) let the school at which they are waitlisted know that they are still interested (if this indeed the case) (2) Put down a deposit at a school to which they have been accepted (3) Psychologically "move on" and put your focus on the school at which you have put a deposit. If you get into a different school off the waitlist -- then weigh the choice.</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!</p>