<p>If waitlisted what is your chances at coming off it and when would you hear</p>

<p>I've actually heard a few people getting off the waitlist. I think you can be a little more hopeful on BC's waitlist than you can at other colleges without being unrealistic, but if you're certain you will attend if admitted, write them a letter and maybe have your counselor speak with admissions. It can't hurt...</p>

<p>I was waitlisted</p>

<p>anything you can do to show interest to them and give a better shot at getting off of it</p>

<p>also if anyone else was waitlisted write that here, i just wanna get an idea of how many were waitlisted vs rejected</p>

<p>I got waitlisted =/
Pooey. One of my friends got accepted and two got rejected.</p>

<p>I got waitlisted. Over 30,000 applicants? No wonder.</p>

<p>Yeah.. lots of competition this year. I think alot of people applied from my school too..</p>

<p>They said "Students are not encouraged to send additional letters of recommendation or make calls to the institution to check on their waiting list status."</p>

<p>So basically all we have to do now is wait?</p>

<p>Dear cranberrykiss : Last year, there were 31,000 applications for roughly 7,000 acceptances which produced a freshman class of about 2,250 students. While the acceptance number and yield percentage have remained somewhat consistent, the application pool has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five years. </p>

<p>In some of the reviews of "chance me" threads, we have been pretty tough/honest on the board scores, class ranking, and profile completeness as these have consistently shown themselves as leading indicators of acceptance here on CC over the last several years.</p>