Waitlisted at BC

<p>I was waitlisted as BC today, and i hate to say it but i feel no emotion good or bad about this decision. All of my mixed emotions are centered aroung the thought process that, "if Boston College, a school not as selective as Notre Dame, just waitlists me, then what will the University of Notre Dame do?" And that scares me...</p>


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<p>DO YOU WANT TO TRY IT1????????</p>

<p>Breathe jhoopster...it doesn't necessarily mean anything. I know that I myself have said that usually BC is easier to get into but there are also exceptions and a lot of factors that go into these decisions. Where are you from again? You never know what will happen but regardless you still have hope. If you were waitlisted at BC it shows that you were a competitive applicant and I am sure you will be competitive at ND as well. Good luck!</p>

<p>Mario, my stats are posted on this forum about 12 times (maybe not that many). just click on my name and view all posts made by me, you'll find them. Irish, i live in KY. The only reason i really applied to BC and Wake Forest (they send out letters tomorrow) was so that i could have a school with a good background that i could trasnfer to Notre Dame from. As of right now, im going to the University of Texas @ Austin... I dunno, maybe i centered my dreams too closely around ND. im just in a kind of depressed mood right now. sorry for being a downer everyone</p>

<p>your stats are fine, I am surprised BC waitlisted you</p>

<p>if you are not accepted,I know plenty of people who have transferred to notre dame and had a great time. some came from schools not nearly as good as UT-Austin.</p>

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<p>Although BC has generally been easier to get into, this year their application numbers rose dramatically. The school has become much more popular recently and, like all selective schools, they have needed to waitlist and reject students who would previously have been admitted; they are simply not enough spots for all of the wonderful and qualified applicants. </p>

<p>Do your very best to enjoy your school, whichever it ends up being.</p>

<p>PM sent to hoopster</p>

<p>Boston College, Washington University in St. Louis, and Tufts University all avidly pursue a policy of "yield protection". They often waitlist the most extremely qualified applicants because they know that they are often not serious about going to the school. Thus, your stats must be in a happy medium for the school, and not overly competitive. The school's logic is that if a qualified applicant wanted to go to that school, they would have applied early. A wait-list at any of these places can almost be taken as a compliment b/c you are too good for that school. These schools do all of this to increase their ranking and prestige. It looks good only admitting a few students. Furthermore, admitting a student off of a wait-list does not count toward total admissions. Thus, the schools are getting away with increasing their rankings using (in my humble opinion) a depraved means. I was accepted to notre dame, washington university, and wait-listed at boston college. I visited all three schools and showed ample interest in each.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.82
SAT: 1460 (720M, 740V)
Essays: good
EC's: 3 varsity sports for 4 years, leadership, and community service; i have had a job since i was 15
Location: Nashville, Tennessee</p>

<p>I think i was in the happy medium for washington university since it is ranked #11, and was too good for BC. My other friends were also wait-listed at both these places even though their stats are much better than mine. </p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>"A wait-list at any of these places can almost be taken as a compliment b/c you are too good for that school. "</p>

<p>That's BS. I would love evidence that Tufts still does this. Look at any recent decision thread on Tufts and you will see no evidence whatsoever that it does. In the past few years Tufts has gotten a new Dean of Admissions and clearly their policy has changed. Rest assured many, many topflight students are accepted there, and there is in no way some magic high-stats plateau where one will be rejected if they are overqualified. The name is a relic and would more aptly be titled "WUSTL syndrome." It's funny how people on this site so casually pass off as fact heresay that certain schools "avidly" practice yield protection without any current proof. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>i didnt recieve any PM irish.</p>

<p>Off topic, but I don't think "WUSTL sydrome" exists either. My valedictorian friend with a 35 ACT who is the best violinist in the state got in.</p>

<p>Dang, it really didn't send that PM. It really wasn't that personal so I will recreate it on the board. I don't think you should give up now because nothing has happened with ND. ND and BC, while similar, are two different schools and they do look for different things. I know it was I that said that I think that ND is more selective, and this is true, but it is not true in every case and it just depends a lot on what the school is looking for.</p>

<p>Even if worst came to worst and you were rejected, I still don't think that should be the end of your dream if you truly want to be here. If you decide to go somewhere else than that is cool, I certainly can't blame you for that. I know how much it sucks to be rejected by your dream school; I have been there and I know how disheartening it is and how it amkes you question how you ever wanted to go there. A lot of people, most people, just give up on their dreams at that point. Sure you have to re-evaluate some at that point and ask if Notre Dame is the place where you need to be, but no matter what letter you get this is not the end of the story unless you let it be.</p>

<p>I really believe that regardless of the letter (and while it sounds it I am not conceeding getting into ND this time, but just in case), if you decide you want to go here and want it badly enough, then you will get it. There are just a few things that I hated (though understand) in your original post. I hated that you have already lost faith because of BC when nothing has happened with ND yet...don't lose the faith man! Secondly, I hated that this made you question if ND is the right place, though that is also natural. You question if you are wrapped two tightly around one school and to that I ask you if ND is the right school for you. If it is, then you are not wrapped too tightly at all; if it is right then it is right and you just have to work your butt off (if it the word comes down and the word is not good) to get where you need to be. This letter proves and changes nothing other than your first year of college and you may find, in time, that a bad letter could in fact be a blessing. I am thankful. I learned how to study and truly work hard for a goal and how to never give up at Creighton. I also met some amazing people and had a great experience there. </p>

<p>Don't lose hope, no matter what that pesky letter reads!</p>

<p>Also, sidenote, I have seen some "WUSTL syndrome" but not as much as people say. I have also seen it with Northeastern, but that is off-topic.</p>

<p>Take this for what its worth, but a girl from my school got into stanford last year but was wait listed at bc.</p>

<p>It is settled then...bc is a wacked up school</p>

<p>I'd like to clear some things up... While i was a little pesimistic in my first post, i am still truely dedicated towards getting into Notre Dame. I still got pray everyother day that i will get in, i still wear Notre Dame memrobelia around school, i was just a little down in the dumps at the moment. Also, i know Notre Dame is the school for me, i knew at the instant i walked on campus for a visit (as im sure most people do). No matter what happens, i will be part of the Notre Dame graduating class of 2010. I'd just like to make life easier and get in for year 1.. :-) good luck to everyone.</p>

<p>haha i was waitlisted at bc and accepted to nd. bc is ridiculous. im going to send my nd acceptance to the bc admissions office lol. thats a sure way to get someone in the office riled up with anger (and maybe a bit of jealousy)</p>

<p>I was a bit of a b<strong>ch (I censored it myself) honestly. When I got my BC admissions materials, I took the sheet that I had to send back and I wrote on it "I'm going to Notre Dame!!!" and sent it back. They have to love me! I was **</strong>ed though too because they accepted only half of my credits when ND accepted all of my transfer credits, and I wrote that on there. I just thought that in addition to that, I should let them know where I was going. I would have chosen ND regardless, but I was mad about the credits just because there may (keyword may) be a student who wants to go to BC that they accept but can't go since they would be a semester behind. Okay, enough of the rant.</p>

<p>Let's all stop bashing BC. I'm sure there is a reason for why everyone is accepted, wait listed, or rejected. There were people with much better stats who were accepted, so I'm sure they didnt wait list you simply because of "yield protection".</p>

<p>My BC interviewer asked me which schools I was applying to, and every one I listed was more prestigious, so I'm sure he didnt believe that I would actually attend if I got in. Yet, I was still accepted.</p>

<p>Perhaps you guys didn't show enough interest at BC, or for some reason, they just didn't like your ECs. Who knows..</p>

<p>Relax a little bit, it is a ND board and if you are on enough of these you will find that what ND people do is bash BC (and they do it to us if you visit some of the BC boards like I do, especially sports boards). That doesn't mean we don't respect them or that we look down on them, it is just a fun rivalry because we are two similar schools. My ex girlfriend goes to BC and you should hear her, it is brutal! Who knows with admissions why some people get in at place X and not at place Y, as we have all said it is a crap shoot. Do please relax a bit here, I know it is good to be respectful but being too respectful takes the fun out of it. I joke around about BC more than anyone, but I am still cheering for them this afternoon to win the national title in Hockey. How many people here even knew they were playing for the national title in Hockey? It is all in good fun and we are all on the same side... that doesn't mean that they don't stink, however :)</p>

<p>I got into BC honors and waitlisted at ND</p>

<p>I will probably be attending BC</p>