Waitlisted at GW?

Hi everyone! I just got my decision back from GW and I was waitlisted. I am an above average candidate for them and considered it to be my safety. All of my scores are above their ranges and I have a large expanse of extra curricular activities including debate, community service clubs, and a job. I am trying to figure out why I was waitlisted as I was very excited about the prospect of going there if it worked out financially. If anyone has any ideas please let me know! I’m so confused!

likely they might have thought this was a “safety” school for you. If you let them know that if the $ works out that this is a top choice, that might help. I read that they will be wait listing more this year because they have no idea how yield will work out with everything going on.

If could be anything, maybe they have enough kids form your state maybe you play flute and they need drummers, it really does not matter, what matters is do you want to go there or are you just stung they did not accept you and you thought it was a safety school? How much money do you need to work out? Waitlist is gonna be tough this years with most colleges pushing back deposit day to June 1.

does anyone know when waitlist decisions come out?

My daughter was offered admission off the waitlist April 14 th

Still waiting–waitlisted–from So.Cal.

@nursing15 Did your daughter get a good financial aid/scholarship package?

did anyone hear back

not yet. Heard twice so far from Admissions via text, asking if I’m still interested in being on the wait list. 1st text was 4th week of April, 2nd text last week.

Any updates?


Still says “Waitlisted”

I called admissions and the lady just said they don’t know when but “soon”. Hopefully within a few weeks!

did anyone ever hear back i didn’t

@letmeinpls7 We recently received a similar question and wrote this article to cover the topic in depth. You can read more at this link: https://insights.collegeconfidential.com/understanding-waitlists

@mmendoza27 I’ve yet to hear back either but I have contacted admissions out of curiosity and they told me they couldn’t give me a decision yet. Here is the exact quote from the admissions office:

“We cannot release a specific date of when waitlisted students will be updated on their status, but we will notify you of any changes as soon as we can.” - This was sent on July 21st. Covid could have really shaken things up or it just so happnens to be that some students end up waiting this long for a decision.