Waitlisted at my safety?

<p>I applied to Marist thinking it was a safety school and today was waitlisted.
My stats are: 3.2ish GPA
2190 SAT (1540 on scale to 1600)
all honors/AP classes, football captain, musical theatre lead many times, excellent recs.
was I wrong to think Marist would be a safety for me? could there be any other reasy why I was waitlisted</p>

<p>Hmmm. Your GPA is on the lower end of what they normally accept (although they recalculate it, so yours might be higher than 3.2 to them), so it might have been more of a match than a safety.</p>

<p>What other schools did you apply to? Have you gotten in anywhere else yet?</p>

<p>yeah i got into SUNY Geneseo which I considered more difficult than Marist (out of state)</p>

<p>no they were wrong to waitlist you. In my opinion. Maybe they thought you were overqualified? What are your match/reach schools?</p>

<p>bates, cornell, lafayette, union, holy cross, connecticut college
(just got waitlisted at union)</p>

<p>My girlfriend got rejected there, with something like a 3.3 UW GPA and a 1770 on the SATs. Coincidently, you automatically get an $8K scholarship if you have a 3.3 recalculuated GPA and a 1800 SAT. Weird, huh? They must have got a ton of applicants.</p>

<p>It's completely bizarre... they definitely think you are overqualified. I got accepted into WUSTL and waitlisted in RPI.</p>

<p>You must be overqualified. Genseo is very competitive and it would be ridiculous for you to get in there and not Marist.</p>

<p>Someone from my school got into Marist with scores not even close to yours. I think he had an 82 average and 500ish on each section on the SAT. So, yeah, I think they believe you are overqualified.</p>

<p>Also, if you got into Geneseo, you should be able to get into Marist.</p>

<p>Sounds like Tufts syndrome to me.</p>

<p>Your 3.2 GPA sticks out negatively. That could be a reason but I would think you should have been accepted.</p>

<p>I felt the same way last year. Accepted to Bard, waitlisted at Northeastern. Who knows.</p>

<p>We saw a lot of 2200+ scorers on the SAT who applied to RPI get waitlisted. Tufts syndrome is spreading.</p>

<p>It's kind of obnoxious. My girlfriend told me that the boy ranked 2/180 at our good private school with 2100+ SATs got waitlisted at Villanova. Her good friend, with a 3.8 in honors classes and decent SATs got rejected from Bryant.</p>

<p>^ wow rejected from Bryant, he must be the only one..lol</p>

<p>idk what to tell you...</p>

<p>i have ~stats and i got in with a 10K scholarship offer</p>

idk what to tell you...</p>

<p>i have ~stats and i got in with a 10K scholarship offer


<p>That wasn't it.</p>

<p>This year u keep seeing a lot of Tufts syndrome. Such a weird thing. It could be colleges don't know how to manage the latest trend this year: lot of students applying to 20-30 schools.
U should hv got in.</p>

<p>was anybody wait listed at villanova this year?</p>