Waitlisted at RISD

Hey all!

So I have a bit of a predicament. I am currently waitlisted at my top school which is RISD. I have been accepted to Pratt (with a presidential merit-based scholarship), to MICA (also with a scholarship), to Parsons Paris, and to SAIC. They are all awesome schools but I really do have my heart set on RISD.

I have no idea where I stand in terms of the waitlist, I could be high priority or at the very bottom of the list. I am going to contact admissions to see if they can give me any answers about this. Anyway, is there anything that I can do to make sure I have the best possible chance of towards the top of the waitlist?

They also said they won’t be contacting people who are waitlisted until after May 1st through even June. I am thinking of committing to one of the schools that I’ve already been accepted to, while also remaining on the waitlist at RISD. Although, if I do end up getting a spot at RISD, are there any ramifications of cancelling my commitment to whatever school I said yes to as a back up?

Hey, I also got waitlisted. Did you letter say priority waitlist or just waitlist?

@ArtAesthete No it just said I got waitlisted. Are they telling people if they’re on the priority waitlist?

Mine said priority waitlist. Ugh I’m stressed.

Im so stressed too. Apparently they only accepted 20% of students this year, congrats to whoever got in!