WaitListed at WASH U, Accepted at Vandy..should i be concerned? Please help!! Thanks!


<p>I got accepted rather early for the Vanderbilt RD round, but just got waitListed at Wash U.
Should I be concerned? Does this mean my chances for getting into Penn are actually lower?</p>

<p>Do you think it's easier to get into Vandy rather than Wash U, or is it completely random for people who already have good stats?</p>

<p>GPA now: 3.97/4
GPA (@ application time:): 3.96/4
SAT (took 3x): 2260, SuperScore: 2310
NIH SIP, revenue-earning website business, President of club, newspaper editor
Girl interested in Engineering/CS..what went wrong?
I interviewed @ WashU, no campus visit though..does demonstrated interest actually matter or is that something to comfort WaitListed peeps in denial?</p>

<p>uuuugh March 29 is going to be so emotional.</p>

<p>@Jdawg9999 Nothing went wrong other than an Adcom deciding you were not what they were looking for at WashU. Once you have the Stats to be considered it is a complete crapshoot. Unfortunately there are a number of kids with similar Stats and the Adcom has to decide which of the applicant is going to make it. Who knows, the Adcom at Penn might just love that essay you wrote and you will be the beneficiary of an acceptance letter.</p>

<p>Good Luck!!!</p>

<p>If this is of any comfort take a look at the percentage of students that chose Vandy over WashU
<a href=“Compare Colleges: Side-by-side college comparisons | Parchment - College admissions predictions.”>Compare Colleges: Side-by-side college comparisons | Parchment - College admissions predictions.</a></p>

<p>If this buys you anything… A kid I personally know got wait listed at WashU and admitted to Stanford last year.</p>

<p>agreed with jvtDad, someone at my school last year didn’t get into washu but is now going to harvard. and i’ve heard of someone getting deferred from michigan but getting into washu so don’t be discouraged!</p>

<p>How do you know you got into vandy? Is it out already??</p>